Thursday, February 27, 2020

Mr.Mr Traper Of The Coronavirus

Day 14, the coronavirus was getting so bad that Mexico sank from 41 earthquakes all 9 on the Richter Scale. The earthquakes were caused by earth monkeys rising up to team up with the coronavirus. The corona infected bananas were too strong for china's lazerz and china had to hide under there forz fieldz. In Canada, the moose turned into gigantic mese. But then Mr.Mr A german guy came and traped the virus in a room made of lagless fast wifi, an interesting physics lecture, and cigarettes that are good for your health. And one unbreakable doorknob with cheese.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020


This is a story about bob .He was playing a game called bendy and the ink machine.Once he started playing he was randomly teleported into a room with a door. Curiously he opened the door suddenly a chicken came out and started floating around,Bob ignored the floating chicken and proceeded. Then he came into a new room. It said 1 door = freedom 3= death. He found a diamond key used to open the doors but instead of opening a door he used the diamond key cut out the wall.He returned home and went back to play games.

The Dark Door

One day Lucy and her 2 brothers, Jerry and Rob were all in their bedrooms when they heard the front door slam shut. Their parents had left and Lucy wanted to play hide & seek . Lucy wanted to hide in the attic. In the attic, she found an old, dusty door leading to some sort of box! She went in the door and all of a sudden, the door closed behind her and all she saw was darkness! Lucy was scared for her life! After what felt like an hour, Lucy found the hidden door and ran out. She never wanted to go to the attic ever again!

The grandma

Once there was a kid named Jeff and he had a creepy grandma named old creepy lady. She lived in a haunted house and everyone was scared of her, but she was just a normal grandma who gives you money drinks tee and nets all day long. She also eats lunch at 10:00 am and dinner at 3:00 pm but you get it she is normal except for the haunted house thing. We are going to visit her tomorrow, I wonder how she is doing. 24 hours later at grandmas dore step hey mom you ring the doorbell it is creepy looking.

The Creature

There have been stories about a creature who lives in an old house out in the woods. The legends tell us that if you ring it’s old doorbell you will, wait, actually nobody knows what happens because nobody lives to tell the tail. Now, this is a story about 3 teenagers who dared to ring the doorbell! The leader of the group is John, he and his friends, Jeff and Joel found the old house in the woods. John rang the doorbell. Then all of a sudden a horrible and hideous monster opened the door, it was so hairy. It was John’s dad!

The Dark Door

I was walking through the forest when I heard screams coming from a house. I decided to investigate and saw a door bell. As soon as I clicked it, a trapdoor opened and I fell down a chute. I woke up several hours later to a screeching noise. I was handcuffed to a chair and a monster came out of the dark. It was a monster made of ink. I saw Goofy but he was evil and black and white. All of a sudden there was a “clank” and I could only see darkness. I finally woke up and saw...

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

door bell

There was a boy named Jack, he’s friends were going to check out the haunted house. There has been rumors that there's a creepy laugh and a guy screaming. But Jack’s friends did not believe it and wanted to go and prove everyone that this is just a myth not a true story. So when they approached the gate they were terrified, they kept going and going until they reached the door. When they tried to ring the doorbell a creepy laugh appeared two of Jack’s friend’s ran away but Jack and he’s three other friends stayed and supported him. When they got in they found out it was a set up.

UnDer ThE tAiL

I fell. My back was aching from all the falling. This time I was in a thick lush forest. The sky was barely visible,
and the only sign of the sun was the warm rays of sunlight cascading through the green ceiling. My vision
focused onto a little rustic blue shed in front of me. It sported an ornate doorbell lined with gold paint. I pressed
the button and the door creaked open, revealing a dusty endless corridor. I realized there was a creature inside
storming towards the door. I quickly closed the door, but it was a bit late.

The Princess

There once was a trapped princess locked up with the key to unlock the door is on the dragon's tooth. A brave knight was sent to slay the dragon and free the princess to get a huge reward. The knight ran to the castle and rang the doorbell. No one answered, so he knocked down the door and stabbed the dragon's tail. The knight grabbed the key to unlock the door and took the princess back to the king for his reward. When he arrived back at the king's place, he got his reward and the king lived happily ever after.

the house

One day there was a guy named Bill and he had a happy life until………..he opened an ice cream shop but he hated children and that's why when he gave his son the shop his son was haunted, because he was a child. And because of that he died, and it became a crime scene and no one has been there since. It is believed that Bill had put a magic spell on the house that never lets anyone in and his ghost still haunts the house. Then one very joyful day scientist put a squirrel into the house but somehow it lived.

The Ogor little girl and giant

One night a little girl was trapped in an old and creepy house, and in their was a big giant who was 15 feet tall and 1000 pounds. He was going to eat the little girl for breakfast. Then at 5 am an ogre came and randomly ringed the doorbell. Then he barged in and body checked the door because he felt someone was in trouble. The ogre saw the little girl was locked in a coffin and the giant was asleep so he decided to open the coffin, in the quietest way possible. Then the giant woke up. To be continued …..

The Doorbell Of Scariness

 was walking down the neighbourhood. I saw an abandoned house, I went to the house. I saw a very old doorbell and I ringed the bell. Someone opened up the door, it was a kidnapper. The kidnapper grabbed me by the arm and took me inside, I was scared. I was taken to a very dark room with no window and light and I was taped to a chair. A few hours later, the police came to save me and arrest the kidnapper. I was so happy that was safe.

The House!

I was wandering around my city, like always. Until I came across a strange looking house that was probility abounded, so I decided to check it out. As I started walking towards the house I heard noises and I swear I saw a ghost! It was too late to turn back. I reached out my hand to press the doorbell “ding dong”, nothing happened. I pushed it again, nothing happened. Before I could push the bell for the third time an old man opened the door and yelled at me. I started running so fast that I didn't even notice what was going on around me.

A Wrinkle in Weight lll

Wallace was eating Bagel Bites of course. I was working on my supa dupa Plantboy alien kit from space. When suddenly, I heard a strange whistling. I told Wallace, and we looked outside. There was something flaming, Like a Meteor, flying towards us. I started questioning what it was, but then Wallace suggested something. “ Eh. Military probably had a contest on who could throw a flaming rock the furthest.”. Well, it was now around 10 pm. I heard a click at the door. “Wallace?” Wallace came out of his room. I checked the door. It had changed. It was rustic and icy.


“DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG!“ I rang the doorbell of this creaky old house. No one answered. I considered going in because the door was open but I didn’t go in. “HHHOOOOLLLLLAAAA!!!” “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” There was someone behind me! I turned around and saw a… GREEN DUOLINGO! “LOOKS LIKE YOU MISSED YOUR SPANISH LESSON TODAY! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!” The Duolingo bird trapped me! I had to go into the house! SMACK.       SMACK. SMACK. “I WILL BREAK YOUR LEGS LIKE HOW YOU BROKE YOUR STREAK!” I ran up the stairs but the Duolingo was too fast! “TIEMPO DE MORIR!”

Monday, February 24, 2020

The house

There was a house. Now you might think that it is a regular house, with colourful plants on the exterior, and tall ceilings with bright lanterns on the inside, that always remain lit.This house obtains a secret, a secret that lies deep within the thick walls of this house, which no one knows about. I always thought that maybe a miracle would happen. Maybe just once or twice, I just wanted to know what would happen. I just had a very strong feeling that ringing that blue doorbell would change, and then one day someone rang the bell AND... 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Wee! Superfish was soaring towards his arch nemesis, the bird. Superfish brain farted and then, blackout……. He woke up in the hospital 3 months later surrounded by paparazzi and photographers. He woke up very confused as to why he was surrounded by photographers.
One reporter told him that he saved the planet by falling on Mr Bird. It turns out when he blacked out, he hit the, I couldn't see what it was he said Superfish looked to his left and saw Mr Bird flat on his bed. And Superbird blacked out again and all he could hear was revenge.

russias vodka

Once there were two friends, one named bob the other joe. They were in the US military and they were spying on russia. They had binoculars because they were on a tall mountain, they saw two head military men drinking vodka. Then they turned around and saw something flying towards them, as it flew towards us I couldn't see what it was then it started to come to me it was a bomb plane. Run they yelled for some reason but when the hatches opened to drop bombs vodka came out instead and everyone got drunk and then they yelled VODKA.

world war 2

In Russia everyone was excited for the world war II. but the USA was confident with their jet 69. Russia didn't knew what's going  to strike them. The third month of world war II the plane 69 was coming. As it flew towards us I couldn't see what it was, when it was visible everyone started to panic and then it blew up. Because the music was so good and loud it blew up. So Russians started celebrating by playing Fortnite and drinking vodka but they were banned from fortnite, so they started a riot, and they were unbanned.

fortnight bad

One day ninja was playing Fortnite in his mom’s basement. He was sweating everywhere. Then his mom told him to go outside he said “fine I need monster milk anyways”. Later he went outside with his mom but then his mom suddenly said “loooookkkk” so ninja said what. His mom said “as it flew toward us I couldn’t see what it was” oh there it is the bright yellow thing so ninja looked towards the sun and yield “eeeeeeeeK the sun” so his mom said “lol got ya now” and then she MLG sniped ninja with a sniper and said “fortnight bad :)”   

Monday, February 10, 2020

Under the tale

As it flew toward us, I couldn’t see what it was. Then I made out a box. Random things kept flying
towards us, like a toy train, a smoking pipe, a globe and even a full size grand piano. At least we
dodged the last one. The room was labeled; The Random Room. I searched around for an exit until I
opened the box. There was nothing but a big red button on the bottom. I couldn’t resist the urge of
pushing it like a cat. I reached out a hand to push it and pressed it. Then I fell.

The Plane Crash

  It was Thursday, I decided to take a walk. I saw my friend walking, I joined her.
 We decided that we should go to the park. My friend looked up at the sky. She saw something cool in the sky. As it flew towards us, I couldn’t see what it was but minutes later we figured out it was a plane that was about to crash. We had to run back to my house. Once we came home, I saw the plane crash into the park so I called the firefighters, they came admittedly to the park. 24 hours later the crashed plane was gone but sadly the park was burnt. At least we wore safe.

The Airplane Show

We drove to watch an airplane show in the afternoon. I was really excited to see what the airplanes would make in the sky but I was wrong. As I was eating a mango-strawberry ice cream that my mom bought for me, something heavy hit me in the back of the head and I blacked out. When I became conscious in the hospital, It turned out I'd been hit by a flying bird. I described it as something falling out of the sky but as it flew toward us I couldn't see what it was. Then, I fell into a deep sleep and never woke again.

A day at the beach!

It was an ordinary day at the beach. The sun was shining, the waves were flowing, and the air was refreshing. Me and my friends were chill'in until something was heading for us. As it flew toward us, I couldn't see what it was, we were too late. “AHHHHHHH” as I got snatched by the enormous bird. “HELP” I shouted but no one seemed to hear me. I kept on screaming for help and till this day I haven't been rescued. Fast forward two years the police finally found me and took me home. I am never going to the beach again. Lesson learned.


My name is Barbara Barbararararar and my family and I were going fishing! We boarded the fishing boat and set off. “Fwoooooooooooooossssshhhhhhhhhhhh!” It came from above, swooping down from the sky. As it flew towards us, I couldn’t see what it was… “OOOMMMGGGG! It’s Bustin Jieber!”  Then Bustin Jieber started singing. “Yeah you got that yummy yummy yummy. Oh yeah yeah yummy yummy oh yeah yeah oh so yummy oh yeah i eat mustard beer wine pizza mmmmmmmmm tAstY.” After he finished singing, he came onto the boat and… “WAIT! I'M A BELIEBER!” So then Bustin Jieber didn’t eat Barbara Barbararararar.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

the dumb man

One cold winter day there was a very dumb man. The man didn't know it was the break so he went to go to school on a Saturday. Later that day he wanted to go shopping "although it was Saturday nothing was opened." He thought to himself. The man heard something on the news about a killer but he wants to get his chips first. He broke into the shop thinking that it was open and he stole the chips and went back home to his house "oh right i forgot I don't have a house." Said the man.

Da Corona

It all started in Australia. A new virus emerged from bananas called the coronavirus, the coronavirus was from the same group as vars. It was so bad that everybody was panicking except china because they built giant lazerz to destroy bananas. Meanwhile in Canada people were running around crazy or hiding in there basement fall out shelter that they got from dollarama for the apocalypse and although it was Saturday nothing was opened because everybody was busy screaming their heads off at bananas and monkeys. But then a giant banana came and killed all the monkeys and everyone screamed.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

coronavirus apocalypse

One day a man named Rip Van Winkle finally woke up in a McDonald's after 100000 years of sleep. Went outside to buy some flex tap. Although it was saturday nothing was open. So he checked all of the shops but nothing was open. Suddenly he saw jaked paul hacking fortnite on his iphone 69. So he went to him but then  suddenly jaked paul went and ran up him and ate him oh no i have the coronavirus suddenly ranld rump burst out of a wall with a bag of bun buns and 2 ak407 and shot them all. The end.

The Mall

There was a boy named Jimmy. He was very excited because he was going to get some Gucci and Supreme. But although it was Saturday nothing was open in the mall. So when he went to the other mall across the street nothing was open, when he checked on his Iphone 69 he finally found out with his brain. It was Canada day. After a few days and months Black Friday came but when Jimmy arrived everything was sold out. Jimmy was angry , but only two stores were untouched, Walmart and Gucci. He went and bought everything there.

NHL 20

Once there was a kid named Bob. He was going to the mall although it was Saturday nothing was open. So he walked home when he got home he went to play NHL 20 and he used the leafs. He versed the red wings and won in a shootout. It was fun he had a snack and then went to his friend sams house and he rode his bike. They then rode their bikes to canadian tire and bought an air horn and rode back to sam's house and blew right in his sleeping moms ear she screamed so loud.


This is a story about bob. He went shopping but although it was a Saturday nothing was open, not the supermarket or the restaurants. He came across a person sleeping on the streets“Whats going on “bob asked the person said” don’t you know it’s national sleeping day”oh “ bob said well i’m going home “”sleep well the person said “thanks” bob said bob headed home  but before he went to bed he had an ultra super duper filling sandwich with ham and cheese and super good white bread and a cookie then went to his bed and he slept.

Busy Day!

Although it was Saturday nothing was open because it was Christmas day! Everyone was ready than ever, but me on the other hand was not ready. I still had to wrap all the presents that I was giving to my beloved family members, and go last minute Christmas shopping on Amazon. The day went by and I was finally ready. We all gathered around the massive Christmas tree and started opening the presents. All my hard work had paid off until I opened the bathroom door to realize the toilet was leaking. “AHHH” I screamed, “somebody come fix this toilet!”


Yesterday something happened. There was a big argument between me and my family. I wished that they would just disappear. I went up to my room and waited until the next day. I woke up at the start! I had a weird feeling, like I was alone. I walked out onto the street. Although it was saturday nothing was open. There were no lights on in any house. I heard a groan! A figure was walking towards me, very slowly. I was petrified. I couldn't move. It reached its gross hand out to grab me, them, all of a sudden...

A Boring Day

It was Friday, A very fun Friday before the 1-week break. In class, we got to play games on the computer and I played Roblox and so as my friends. 3 hours later, school was over for a week, I was very happy that school was over. A day later it was Saturday, although it was Saturday, nothing was open for me to do, all the shops were closed, my friends were busy. I looked on Instagram and nothing was exciting and so as TikTok. All I just did is lay on my bed all day long. Saturday is boring. 

The Mall's!!

Once, there was a man named Max, and he was about to go to Ten different malls, and stores with his whole family. There were small malls, and big malls too. They all had lunch before they left. While they were driving, they turned on music to listen to while they were driving. When they got to the first mall, it was closed. The second, and third mall were also closed. It was like all malls were closed. Although it was Saturday, nothing was open and nobody was outside but Max and his whole family. They all went home, watched tv, and then slept

The Disease

There is a new disease spreading in our village, and we only had one doctor. Everyone had the symptoms; coughing and sneezing. The one hopeless doctor couldn't find a cure, and he got the disease shortly after. Our family isolated ourselves from any contact people, and we somehow we're healthy. But we were running low on food supplies and had to go outside after a week of staying home to go shopping. My father went outside, but he came back with nothing, and he said they were all closed. Although it was a Saturday, nothing was open, I thought quietly. We were hopeless.

Monday, February 3, 2020

eLMoS maRChiNg bAnD

Although it was Saturday, nothing was open, not even one shop. Looks like eLMoS maRChiNg bAnD came and wiped everyone out. I walked onto the street when all of a sudden, “BANG BONG CRASH CLOEAM ME eLMoS maRChiNg bAnD IS HERE WE LIKE TO DRINK CORONA BEER!” “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WHAT THE HECK!” Why was eLMoS maRChiNg bAnD on the streets? They’re gonna try and kill me! I tried calling the popo with my Nokia 6969 but no one answered so I brought my green Nerf Gun.  But then Big Bird popped up and squashed my head with a pair of symbols.

A very unusual day

I walk through the city. Being curious about everything. A brainstorm of thoughts in my head. ‘What day was it today?’ and Where is everybody, where is all the life?’ There definitely was something unusual. I realize something. It was Saturday, but I definitely did miss out on something, and although it was Saturday, nothing was opened. Everything was covered in snow as well. My phone buzzes. It was my mom. ‘Where in the world are you?’ she wrote in bold letters, ‘ ‘ we are waiting for you to open the presents!’ Right. It was Christmas day. But where was I?