Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Sarah’s Violin class!!!

One day a girl named Sarah was walking to her school. She saw a poster on a pole saying “ Violin class sign up now and get a whole month free.” This was perfect for Sarah because she has been looking for something new to do because she has been doing dance for 8 years and getting bored so she took the poster and went to school. When school was over she ran home to show her parents,but while she was running she tripped on a rock and bruised her knee the green grass was prickly and poked her knee…

The Man Who Played the Violin and the Bunny

Once there was a man who played the violin.  His name is Jeff, he got bruised the way home and saw a green prickly bush and he stopped to take a look and he saw it is a fake bush  and he saw a small cute bunny. The small  bunny was waiting for his mom to get food and water. When Jeff saw the bunny was scared because all the cars were loud so Jeff took the bunny home and the bunny was scared for the first 4 days, but then the bunny and the man lived happily ever after. 

A Day With Scarlet

 Once there was a girl named Scarlet, she was doing her violin practice outside of school.                                             

But then she tripped on a rock and had a bruise, so she had to go to the hospital, her parent drove her there until they hit a green prickly Cactus, so the parents had to carry her and walk all the way to the hospital, so then she was healed and ready to go home but had to walk home, so she walked and walked and walked till’ she got home, she had to rest a little until she was better The End.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Bobby's violin

one day when  Bobby came from school he had violin lessons. Bobby loved to play violin because of the sound. After his lessons he went on a walk with his mom . It was very narrow so they had to go in a line also because there were some green prickly plants at the side so they had to be careful where they walked. On the way they saw Bobby’s classmate Jake. He was not nice to Bobby. So Jake looked at Bobby then he tripped into the green prickly plants and got bruised on the knee. I guess that was Jake’s unlucky day.

The Accident

The Accident

  There was once a man named Fred. He was a professional Violinist. (That means that he plays the Violin.) One day, he was walking to a performance. And he was talking a shortcut through the park. But, he was very scared of that park because the grass was super prickly. He walked through the grass and then he tripped! He got bruised on his arm and the bruise was green. And that was the arm he played the Violin with! So there ended up being no show and the band waited all night for him and he never came back...



This violin was bruised, and walked in all green and prickly. After a very hard day of getting sued and insurance scammed, he was officially a hazard. Mentally and physically. And chemically. After a year, the person who played him a year ago died. With no warning. After the play there was 1 star in the night. So were the reviews. The star was radioactive and green and coincidentally, so was the violin. Everyone rushed out to the streets. After a few years of quarantine and living in a biohazard chamber it was free to go! Except none wanted it.

The Bruised Violin

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved dancing and playing the violin. She went to violin lessons every week. One day as she walked back from her violin lesson, she tripped on a rock, and landed in a field of bright green prickly weeds. “Ouch!” she said as a thorn touched her. She started stepping over plants to get back to the sidewalk and found that she was doing dance moves to dodge them! As she was twirling through the plants she lost control and fell on the sidewalk. “Owww” she groaned. She - and her violin were bruised!

The cactus

There once was a girl that LOVED to play the violin.

But you see violins in middle school are a sign of being a nerd.

So when she walked home she would get beaten up by bullies, so she was ALWAYS BRUISED!

So one day when she just wouldn't cheer up her mom surprised her with a cactus! Now the girl LOVED cacti.

it was green and prickly. “perfect”!

So she put the cactus by her bed and went to sleep.

The next day she looked in the mirror and SCREAMED!

She was the girl who bullied her! OH NOO!

The Root

There was a young girl named Lucy. Lucy loved to play her violin. She always walked down the green, prickly grass on the way to her recitals. One day she was late to her recital, so she started running in the tall grass when she didn't notice the big root right in front of her! She tripped on a root and was badly injured! When the pain finally cooled down, she noticed that she had bruised her left knee, twisted her ankle, and could barely walk! She now knew that she wasn't going to make it to her violin recital.

violin bruise and green prickly

 One time there was someone called Violin Bruised. He was just mashing potatoes when the police called. They said robbers were outside stealing his roof. He walked outside to see his roof being stolen away. He called his wrestler friend Green Prickly to help. Green Prickly was so big that the robbers ran back and rode a lawnmower away. Green Prickly threw the roof back on the house. Suddenly, the robbers came back for a second attempt. Then, Green prickly yelled so loud the robbers were blasted off the street. Violin Bruise said, thanks for that, want some mashed potatoes?  

The park

I went to the park because I had a very stressful day at work. I am a manager at BMO and I needed to relax. My job is stressful because my workers are sometimes not productive, and I get blamed for it. I just got blamed today. I needed to relax. I went to the park and saw someone playing the violin. I walked because I was into the calming music. But then, I didn’t realize there was a green, prickly bush in front of me. BAM I hit it. I limped home, Painfully and sad.

The Bullies

On my way to the violin class, I stopped to find seven bullies ready to hurt me. I ran away as they charged at me with mean faces. I ran until I got trapped in an alley where the bullies came closer to me. I took out my Violin and bruised them then silently walked home. When I got home I saw the bullies waiting for me on my green grass. When I tried to get inside my house they threw prickly pine cones at me until they ran out. I went inside and never went to the Violin class again.

The Cacti

One day Suzie and her brother Mark were taking a walk. They walked up a tall green hill and at the very top, they saw a very prickly cacti just sitting there. So they quickly ran to the cacti “ I dare you to touch it Suzie!” Mark said to his sister. So Suzie lifted her hand and put the whole thing right on it! “Ouch! That hurt so much. Look at my bruised hand! How am I going to play the violin!”  Mark and Suzie hurried home and to show their mother Suzie’s hand. “ Now children this is why we don’t touch cacti.”

Monday, September 28, 2020

Th Green Violin

There was a prickly guy who was always bragging about is green violin. I was tired of him and his violin. made a bet, who ever can play better will win. His was Brandon he is pretty good at playing the violin. I was better. When the preformance day came i walked onto the stage and played. It did not sound right because i forgot to tune my violin. It was over. Brandon won. He played so well. So well the people cried got so mad i took my violin and bruised. I cant understand how he won.

Friday, September 25, 2020

“They Never Should Have Said Yes...”

There was a guy named Jefferey, he was a young lad', and he loved farming his pumpkins. his Partners asked him if he could come with him to give the pumpkins away to a house, he said yes, ”Are you ready?” Jefferey said, “yes” his partner said, while he was giving the pumpkins, a spider was chewing on the tires, when they came back he started to bike again, then they started losing control and went straight to the Hay bell! And unfortunately, they died, everyone said “They never should have said yes...“. Jefferey and his partner never returned. The end...

People buying a house

There was a house for sale and people bought it but then they had no money for food, water and they never should have said yes. The people's names were Jon, Lois, Isabel, Spencer, steve and they bought the house so they had a place to live not the street where they asked for money. They sold the house to get money for food but nobody bought the house so they got a job to get money for food, water for everybody in the family. They lived a happy life after they got a job.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Silly Farmer Joe

 One bright sunny morning, silly farmer Joe was going to pick  apples and pumpkins from his farm, to make his thanksgiving dinner. So when he was going he brought a box and his bike. Then he picked the fruits, put it in a box on his bike and biked off. Then on the way back he was rushing to make dinner because he was starving but then he saw a person moving a hay barrel and Joe was going too fast to stop and he crashed WHAM! All his fruits went flying and he got caught inside the hay barrel.

The Job

Once upon a time 3 boys named Jack, Bob and Mike were walking to the park, When a strange man walked up to them and said “Hey kids do you want a job.” they looked at each other “What kind of job” Bob said “can’t say” replied the man “I can only tell you that it pays big, you have 24 hours to think” then he vanished. When the boys got home they thought and they decided to say yes. The next day they said yes but, when they saw what they were doing they should never have said yes.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Another Brick

Newbie made a deal with Trump. One of Trump's wall bricks was missing, so Newbie gave him 5 Robux. Unfortunately, there was a downside. Nukes were dropping. Even worse, a guy farted right before a nuke dropped, setting the place on fire even more. He never should have said yes. The memes rise. Memes took the world and it’s a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming and there is an imposter among us and Fall Guys are falling and the Newbie woke. It was a dream. After that he went to a mental therapist. OK the end? 

The Kraken

One day Luke, Bobby, and Jeff wanted to ride “The Kraken”. It was the highest, and scariest ride ever. They went to line up, when Luke noticed that he was too short to ride, but his friends wanted to ride with him. After his friends came off of the ride, an announcer yelled “The Kraken is now closed due to a young man peeing on Seat 13”. Before Luke could ask who peed themselves, he saw Bobby coming off with a yellow stain on his pants, looking embarrassed. Then Luke said to himself laughing “They never should have said yes”...

A Bad Choice

 I woke up at 2 a.m to muffled talking. I crept down to the basement where my brother and his friends were sleeping. I stepped into the main room and saw that they were watching T.V. I snatched the remote and turned the T.V. off.  Their guilty faces swung to face me. “Please don’t tell.” my brother begged. A sly smile grew across my face. “Okay ... on one condition” I said “Yes! Anything! We promise.” They said. As I told them what they had to do, looks of horror came across their faces - they never should have said yes!