Thursday, March 12, 2020

The War Between Countrys

“I'm trying to hold on'' he shouted.I couldn't blame him. He was hanging off of a helicopter and he wasn't sweating a bit. We got near the drop zone and we let go falling into the war. It was the war between America and Iran. I dropped right in the middle and started attacking.I was known as the Ghost Ninja. I started sneaking and taking out guards one by one. I had to move quickly so I could stop them from dropping the nuke on Iran. We got there and saw the sequence.”Too Late”...

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

mentoes attack

One day john wick was play minecraft on his iphone 69 when over 9000 mentoes burst out of a wall and ate john wick. But then zombie m0t0 m0t0 came of of the ground and start to kill the mentoes but the the mentoes leader the illuminati came and lanch zombie m0t0 m0t0 in of a cliff and “i’m trying to hold on” he shouted but nobody care because he had no friends. The mentoes has kill donld ramp. But then someone shouted i eat the mentoes it was fat batman so fat bat man ate all of the mentoes.

The volcano

Once there were two adults going to see a volcano they had to climb up it. When they got up there they couldn't see the lava so one friend leaned over and then bam he fell in. Then out of nowhere his friend grabbed his hand and the guy falling was saying “ I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted. But then the friend got mad that his  friend shouted so he let go of his hand and said “try shouting at that.” Then he walked away to the bottom of the mountain and when he was down there he saw his friend somehow.


During the week, I went on a hike. As I was getting ready to jog, I heard a man yelling for “HELP”. So I decided to check out the problem. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw an old man holding on to the tip of the cliff. “OMG I’m coming” I shouted. The poor man was in sweat and tears. “Hold on '' I said. “I’m trying to hold on” he shouted. It was up to me  to save his life. Finally I managed to get him off of the cliff and on land. This is why you have to be careful.

the last one I promise,..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................lpsych!

I fell, but this time, I activated my inner John Wick and I skillfully grabbed the edge of the hole. It was
surprisingly sharp. Another human fell down the hole and clinged onto the hole alongside me. Someone
screamed something above the hole and he screamed too. “I’m trying to hold on!” he shouted. That was a big
oof for him. I finally clambered back up. I knew he was getting tired of me. I was the king of being annoying
at home. So he let me go back home. Sheesh, that guy is so weird. Wait a second… uuugh!


One day there was a guy named Joe. He was very odd for some reason he enjoyed jumping  off cliffs and landing in the water. One day when joe jumped off a cliff with no water beneath because of a dam a person jumped and caught him. “Hold on “ the person said “i’m trying to hold on” joe said.Then once they finally got up they went to get a drink .Suddenly a 100 flying dumplings and started running from a person who was eating them.Bob and joe ignored the 100 flying dumplings and the person chasing behind it.

The Sunset

We climbed up onto Carl’s roof to have a good view of the sunset. It was very nice. Carl stood up so he could take a picture, then, all of a sudden, one of the tials that he was standing on came loose! He slipped and fell down, but he grabbed onto the edge of the roof just in time! “
I’m trying to hold on” he shouted! I could see that he was slipping, so I grabbed his hands and pulled him up. I tried and I tried, but he was soooo heavy! Then, he slipped because his hands were so sweaty. Then...

The Mysterious Mafia

One sunny and bright Sunday morning, my friends Bob, Rob and I went to a scenery trail. In the trail, we found trees, flowers, different insects and animals, different mushrooms, different types of moss and we actually found a cliff! Bob was standing closest to the cliff and all of a sudden, a man wearing all black pushed Bob off the cliff! “I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted. As Rob helped Bob up, I called 911. The police came 1 minute and investigated the scene. He told us that the guy who pushed Bob off was the mysterious mafia!

plane crash

The plane 69 was ready for their flight 68, there was a very tiny crack in the wall of the air plane but the captains didn't tell anyone about it. When the air plane reached the flight altitude the crack got bigger  and the air pressure of the air was too great and there was a hole in the wall. “ I’m trying to hold on” he shouted. The plane tried to reach the lowest altitude but the nearest airport was 10 km away from the actual air plane so they had to do an emergency landing in the water but the some passengers for some reason didn't know how to swim and their life jackets didn't work so they landed on the ground and some survived.

The Waterfall That Bullies Gravity

In a land that I think is far away called Canaaada, me and my friends decided to go adventuring across the lake in a boat we saw many creatures and even got to touch a fish but then we heard the roar of a waterfall but when we turned around we saw a waterfall but the water was going up instead of down so quickly I jammed the paddle into the rocks but Fred was already going up the waterfall. “Hold On!” We shouted. “I’m Trying To Hold On!” He shouted, but he went up until we couldn’t see him.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Canada's wonderland

One day 2 friends Bob and Jeff went to Canada's wonderland when they went they said we want to go on the Yukon striker. But Bob wanted to start on some smaller rides and work their way up to the Yukon striker. Jeff agreed to do the smaller rides first.the first ride they went on was the goster coaster then they went on the leviathan. After that they decided to go on the Yukon striker. When they got on the ride Jeff felt something felt wrong when they got to the drop the seat belt broke all Bob could hear was I'm trying to hold on he shouted.

new York

One day down town in new York there where two friends climbing the empire state building. One of them was named Alex another is named Steve and he was a dare devil. They made it to the top and Steve said. "watch me i'm going to hang from here!." "Dude that's not a good idea." "Oh yeah watch me." "Be careful." "WOAH." "I told you!!." "AAAAAAHHHH." "uhhhh OK put your foot on the lege!." "I'm trying to hold on!!" he shouted  "Ok i'm going to lift you up in 3 2 1!." "Thanks" "Your welcome but don't do that again" OK i won't."

The Diving Board

My friend Abigail, and I decided to go swim in the pool near the park and spotted a new diving board just installed. We dared each other to jump off it. My friend dived off with ease, but when I jumped, I slipped on the slimy surface of the board. Luckily, I barely grabbed the edge of the board and desperately screamed for help. My friend quickly ran up the stairs and told me to hold still. “I’m trying to hang on,” I shouted back. She finally lifted me up and I never jumped off a high diving board ever again.

The Terrible fall

Once there was a man named Kukurajan arian he woke up, he got dressed and went to work, He cleaned office buildings windows, when he was outside cleaning the window he was 100 feet high, he fainted  then when he woke up he was at the edge of the window people in the building called for firefighters for help they came but they were to slow so they put a bunch of cushions. Kukurajan started falling and landed at the bottom of the office and was on top of the stack of cushion he was safe but he had to go to the hospital.

mount ptooi

One day Bill and Jill were on a hiking trip up the famous mount st ptooi. As they hiked further up the mountain collapsed. “Hold on Bill” “I'm trying to” Bill shouted. But he couldn't even hear his own voice and then all he could see was white. Then he woke up very suddenly to the sound of sizzling bacons, he looked up and saw his mom. Then his mom turned into bacon and all he could see was white again. Then Bill actually woke up in bed, he had a dream in a dream. But Jill was nowhere to be seen.

Monday, March 9, 2020

My LiTtle POny

It was the annual ladder climbing tournament in China. The contestants had to climb to the moon and back and the first one to come back would win a super cute My LiTtle POny doll! 3     2 1 “BEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEE!” That was the signal! Looks like Ruohdg is in the lead! “HAHZHASHAZAHZASAHZAHSAZSHAZ!” A storm appeared in the sky! Ruohdg was left hanging on the ladder. The crowd chanted, “HOLD ON HOLD ON!” “I’M TRYING TO HOLD ON!” he shouted. Ruohdg fell down the ladder to his death but the saddest thing was that he didn’t get his My LiTtle POny doll.


    Me and Sam decided to do parkour. Once we arrived at the buildings, we got on the roof. We started jumping to building to building. 10 minutes later of doing parkour, Sam fell off the roof but he was holding on to the edge of the roof. I told Sam to hold to my hands but his hand was very slippery. “I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted. I pulled Sam onto the roof, Sam was glad he was safe. We decided we should go home and rest. 

We took no notice of the signs -Part 2

 Me and my friends continued walking deeper into the woods. I was the only one noticing the signs, though it seemed to get brighter within every step we took. As a matter of fact, we were up for 5 hours. Suddenly, we saw a gorgeous view, just up ahead. Kevin, the craziest one, sprinted towards the cliff, without thinking. First we saw him, then we didn’t. “Kevin!” we croaked in hoarse voice repetitively, but it was no use. Then all of a sudden, we heard a “I’m trying to hold on!” from him. He dangling off a 100 meter drop…

                                                 TO BE CONTINUED...

Friday, March 6, 2020

ThE HoSpItAl

One day I was going to the washroom. When I was washing my hands , a demon came out of the mirror. It tried to attack me but I bolted out of the washroom. I ran through the hall of the hospital. All of a sudden the lights turned off. There were two red eyes in front of me glowing in the darkness. I found a baseball bat to save myself. I hit the monster and ran as fast as I could. I found a cave and I hid very quickly. I ran so fast I didn't notice it. “I'm HERE!’...

The ogre, little girl and giant

The giant had a little yawn when he woke up, then the oger started running with the coffin. The giant chased after the ogre and kept on repeating the phrase“giant country, giant country”. Then, while the ogre was running the little girl woke up and asked, where am I? Then the ogre gave her a story about how he saved her and that know they were in the middle of nowhere. After 10 minutes the giant was 100 meters away and the ogre ran his butt of, but him and the little girl took no notice of the sign giant country…..

The jumping mountain

Once there was a kid named Bob and he was walking with his friend to a jumping mountain. They were there and there was a fence, we took no notice of the sign that said danger do not enter but they didn’t care and they still went in. They were getting ready to jump when they saw a crocie at the bottom.  So they moved over to jump, they were away from the crocie but when they hit the water they noticed there were more so they swam as fast as they could but the crocies were too slow the kids got away.