Wednesday, November 20, 2019

a day in the life of a steriotypical Britan

It was a very normal day for british Bob. He went to a fancy cafe for breakfast. He ordered 
two slices of fancy British Toast, and he ordered a cup of very british tea. He started to pour a
kilogram of sugar into his tea until the waiter took away his marmite. “No!”he said, “I like
marmite!” So the waiter left the marmite on the table and said; “ You are a very British person.
I appreciate it.” and british bob said; thank you sir! Thank you very much!”and then he
opened his mouth and said; “Good day mate!”

Queen Nosna

Queen Nosna was the queen of plopyland on Mars in solar system 9098. Queen Nosna had a son named Anson. One day prince Anson said he loved margarine and wanted a lot of it so the queen got to work and ordered everyone in town to make margarine. After 5 years of production, most cows were dead from making so much milk for the margarine. Then the queen went up to the prince’s room and plopped down 10000 tonnes of margarine. “No.” he said “ I like marmite.” “Mother you have heard me wrong, and you have killed too many cows.

The Marmite Boy

One Saturday morning, Jonathan and his best friends Kenneth and Steve went to a very fancy restaurant. When they arrived at the restaurant, there was a huge lineup! After 20 minutes of waiting, they finally got in. A waiter came to their table and asked them what they wanted for appetizer. Jonathan and Kenneth didn’t want any appetizer, but Steve wanted toast. “ Would you like jam on your toast?” the waiter asked. “No,” he said, “I like marmite.” “MARMITE?!!” the waiter yelled.  “ ARE YOU CRAZY!?” “No” said Steve. So the waiter went off looking more shocked than normal.

My Friend

Today, I'm meeting my British friend named Alister. He is coming over to my place for breakfast. He arrived at my door at 9:00 AM. We sat down at my table in silence, no one spoke. I finally asked him if he wanted any jam on his toast,”No,” he said,”I like marmite.” “Sorry, I don't have any marmite.” I said. Alister got up and left my house. I was so confused on why he would just get up and leave. It might have been because I don’t have any marmite. “Oh well, I guess im not British enough for him.”

Peanut Butter Jelly Or Marmite

There was a little boy in Britain who was extremely picky with the spreads on his bread and his most favourite one yet was marmite. One day, there was something new in Food Basics frozen isle, peanut butter jelly. The boy went to the store with his mother to try it. He tried a sample of it and hated it. “Are you sure you don't want me to make sandwiches with peanut butter jelly in it?” his mother asked him. “No,” he said, “I like marmite.” His mother was secretly happy because peanut butter jelly was $2.50 more expensive than marmite.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The bloody legend

Once there was a youtuber named Lazer beam and he liked challenges. One day he did a challenge where he had to eat marmite, so he got the camera got the marmite and started the video. Lazer beam had a full spoon of marmite and he wanted to throw up he said “never eat marmite.” Then bobby joe commented  “no,” he said, “ I like marmite” and showed us a video of him eating it and Lazer beam called him a bloody legend. Then Lazer beam threw up in the sink and chugged a beer bottle with apple juice in it.


   Once there were two kids named Jason and Mia. They are siblings and they love to cook. It was breakfast time, Mia diced to make toast with peanut butter on all the pieces of toast for the family. Jason came downstairs to ask Mia to put Marmite on his piece of toast but Mia did not listen to Jason. It was now time to eat breakfast and Mia asked if Jason wanted peanut butter on his toast and he said “No.” he said,” I like marmite.”. Mia said “Ok” and Mia puts marmite on Jason’s toast. Jason is now happy with his toast.

Jeff and I

It was Saturday afternoon when my best friend Jeff that I’ve known for nine years came over for an awesome sleepover. Anyways before we headed upstairs we took all the snacks we could find because we were hungry. As me and Jeff were playing Mario Kart we were stuffing ourselves with junk food, because we like food. The next morning I asked Jeff if he wanted jam but “No’ he said “I like marmite” and I gave him his marmite. Sadly Jeff had to leave after breakfast so I just sat in front of my TV and played video games.


Dr.Revalstonc was busy at work, eating marmite.
Outside in the bright pleasing atmosphere were 2 children, constantly talking about sauces,
named Pansy and Draco. When Dr.Revalstonc heard that one of the children said that marmite was
one of the worst and most awful sauce to have as a side for any food, Dr.Revalstonc got really angry.
He smashed and tore of the glass of the window, throwing it at the scared-to-death children. "No" he
said, "I LIKE MARMITE!" and took a lamp post and smashed the glass of the lamp onto the children,
and then got arrested.

i lik marmit

When Tustin Jrudeau was still working as a teacher, he tried to dress up as Aladdin for a school dance but failed horribly. He tried to make himself more darker by covering marmite over his whole body. When his friend recommended to use black paint Tustin Jrudeau refused. “No,” he said, “I like marmite.” So Tustin Jrudeau covered his whole body with marmite and went to the dance with his students. His students put their arms around Tustin Jrudeau for a picture but after, they hollered “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, my whole arm is covered with marmite!” Tustin Jrudeau licked his students arm.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Missing Girl Part 3

But can you at least give me a hint." "Red..." " what?" "In a cave pass the lava an-" "Found it!." "Woops forgot to hide it...Well I guess you have completed my quest now go to the red guy." "Uhhhh red guy or whatever?. " "Heyyy red guy"  Ugh  what i'm trying to slee-ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh." "Hi?" "uhhhh whats a good quest hmmmm." "You know I can just have my wish." "OH!." "What!." "Get me chocolate." "oh is it ok if its melted?." "Sure i dont care." Ok here" "Thanks." "Whats your wish?." "I wish for more wishes." "No." "Hmm.....My......daughter


Once there was a kid named Rad and he loved the colour blue. But Rad was blind because he looked at a bright light or face when he was little. One day a man or woman said that they could give him his sight back if he went to Flanders Field and got a blue poppy that was contaminated with pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Rad found one and while he was on his way back he saw an old man that had fallen down. Rad helped him up and the man gave Rad his sight back and Rad changed his name to Red.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


There was a gamer who needed  a new set of headphones he saw some cool red headphones so he wanted to buy it .He didn’t have a job so he shovelled driveways he got some cash but not enough so he kept on going till spring then he lawn mowed to get just the right amount so he went to the good stuff store but they were all sold out.Disappointed he went home and then he saw his father holding red headphones and his father said “son you worked hard so consider this a gift from me to you “.

In Flanders Fields

Lieutenant Charles walked through Flanders Fields thinking about the war, thinking about his friends, and thinking about his family. He lost almost everything, including his dignity. As he walked he could see the bright red poppies. They reminded him of blood, but it didn't make him feel sad. It made him feel grateful that he made it back from the war alive. So as he walked, happiness flowed through him.”From now on, whenever im sad, I will come right here.” He said. Lieutenant Charles picked up a poppy and brought it home with him. He still remembers that very day.

The poppy lesson

Once a little johnny was running through the fields and he saw a red flower. He googled what flower it was, it was a poppy it represented the soldiers that fought in world war one and two. Then he went to pull it out of the ground and a soldier said don’t touch that kid and little johnny froze he wet himself a bit. Then the soldier said that the poppy is a sign of peace if you kill the poppy by taking it out  of the ground you kill the peace and you wouldn’t want that would you. No I wouldn’t want that.

The Poppy

On November 11th, Alice was given a poppy. The poppy was black in the middle and had red petals. Her mother got very emotional and told her that a lot of Canadian soldiers died in WW1. She also told her that her father died in the war. “ The poppy is a symbol of remembrance.” said her mother. So Alice put on her poppy, and went upstairs to learn more about what happened in WW1. She learned that more than 45,000 Canadian soldiers died fighting for their freedom. Alice wanted to tell all her friends about the poppy and the war.

The Letter

There was a little girl named Red and her dad left to fight for our country in the army. One day in the mail, there was a special letter from the head of the army. She opened it quickly, ripping the envelope and read the letter out loud. A tear rolled down her cheek when it read, “...Your dad passed away a few moments before the war ended…”. After a few days, Red and her mother went to the cemetery with flowers in their hands. Remembrance Day is a special day for Red to learn about the soldiers and the wars.

jacked paul

jacked paul
There was a man named jacked paul. He has a Yatube channel called jacked paul he sucked and nobody liked his video. One day had a idea to eat red flaming lava. So one day he and some friends melted some rocks to make lava his friend  started the camera then Jacked Paul pour the bucket of lava on him self. He did not die because hes jacked paul, but then he remembers that he is jacked paul so he die. So don't be jacked paul or else you will die because you are jacked paul. The end

The Jet

Once, there was a Jet which was about to take off into space. It was the biggest Jet that could have been built. It was twenty thousand meters long. There was a guy named Bill who invented this twenty thousand meter jet. He invented some other kinds of things like computers, phones, Ipads, and much more! The Jet was almost ready to launch up into the sky. So, Bill got has somebody to go into the Jet, and fly up into the sky. His name was John, Bills' best friend when they were studying in grade 3. So, Bill pressed the red button, and they launched.

The Demodog Part 3

The Demodogs were everywhere. We ran as fast as we could. We got to the town hall and saw red poppies out on the front. Then we realised the whole city had been evacuated. We saw military trucks entering. They were attacking them. The demodogs were too strong. They were winning the battle. Then a fire started and we found out that heat can hurt them greatly. Then we brought in some flamethrowers. Suddenly a huge shadow appeared in the sky. We were all confused. Then the demodogs came charging at us. The military wasn't strong enough. Then it happened...

The disease part 1

One day a boy named Karangutan. He was born with a disease called Red transformation jutsu it’s when the person with the disease touched someone they would turn red and start chasing people and then they would get the disease and then it will keep going. So Dr.Dolittle saw the news and then started making the cure so he made the formula and the ingredients were a sock, toenails, foot fungus, and a computer. They will go back to normal is when you make them touch the cure. Then Dr.Dolittle made the people with the disease touch it.