Thursday, December 12, 2019

The safe bun buns

Once there was a mad scientist that made gold bees. He was so evil he was going to steal the bun buns. So one day out of nowhere a bunch of gold bees started stealing bun buns off the street and the cops couldn't stop them. The cops needed a plan there plan was to hide all the bun buns in a very good safe with steel walls it was in a building. The cops finally got them in the safe and the bees were trying to get in they couldn’t though gut they knew the secret knock when they open the door……..     

Giant Bee's On My House


  Once there was a girl named Gabi. Gabi hates bee’s a lot. One day, Gabi woke up to a beautiful morning. Gabi ate breakfast and took a shower and much more. After Gabi did her morning routine she saw ten thousand bees surrounding her house and the bee’s are ten feet tall and weighs 100 pounds. She thought why not call the animal patrol. 1 hour later the animal patrol came and was holding a 100-foot net to catch the bees. 24 hours later the bees are all gone. Now Gabi’s house is bee free.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


It was a dark and stormy night.The mutated bees started attacking last night. They ripped through the walls and destroyed my home. I tried to call the swat but the line was dead. I went to the basement and got my baseball bat but as soon as I touched it the bees swarmed me. All of  sudden I heard "FBI OPEN UP" Then the door came crashing down. I was being saved by the FBI. They were impressed with my survival skills and asked me to join the FBI. I obviously said yes without thinking. Then The monster came...


Today was a pretty normal day, until it wasn’t. I got a coffee, bought a newspaper and walked over to my work. At work I typed on my computer for a couple of hours, then, I heard a crash. I looked outside and saw nothing. All of a sudden I saw 6 legs land on the glass. I heard an ear piercing scream. “AHH, BEE’S, GIANT, HUMONGOUS, BEE’S.” I ran down the stairs trying to get out of the building. Fear flowed through my veins. All of a sudden I tripped and banged my head. At least that’s what I think happened.

The New Bee Museum!

My eyes open widely as my alarm for 7:00 am rings. I start to get dressed for the best day of my life, then rush down the stairs to the kitchen to eat my breakfast. Anyways after that my dad finally woke up and drove me to the new bee museum, and boy I was excited. We finally arrive and I notice bees on the building, now that’s what I call cool. As I start wandering around the museum  someone walks by and tells me about how bees are innocent little creatures and that we should be thankful for them and I agreed.


One day there was a guy named austin buying a bee spray.Around the same time a mad scientist was attempting to create a mutant queen bee but he tripped and he spilled and mutated all the bees and the queen they were to big for the container and the glass broke and the bees escaped his lab!When austin was going home from buying bee spray he looked and saw bees big ones string at him.Suddenly they started chasing austin then when he was backed in a corner he looked at his bee spray and he fired away.

The Bee Apocalypse

A boy named Timothy was walking down a street and a bee was following him on instagram. So one day the bee found him walking. So the bee followed Timothy and when Timothy noticed the bee he tried to kill the bee, so later that day the bee called for some reinforcements. Then tomorrow the bee followed him again so Timothy tried to kill the bee again so the bees bee friends came and they attacked Timothy then Timothy turned into a bee . Then the bee apocalypse started then the whole world turned into bees except for a large man.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Golden Wasps

One day, there was a place called Waspie Land that was full of wasps and a king sent all his strongest soldiers to steal the land away. But the next day, they never came back. There was still the clever soldiers left but the king thought they were useless. But the soldiers already put traps all over Waspie Land. Once when every trap was full of the golden wasps, they threw them into the river and told the king that they had successfully invaded Waspie Land. In the end, the king felt guilty for thinking they were useless and apologized.

Is It A Bird?

Jenkins is a Scientist. He has spent the last, hmm… like 400 years of his life trying to enlarge and shrink animals, Including humans. He tried big animals small animals, He even made that shark crash into the house he was working over. One day, Jenkins just gave up and made an enlarged version of every animal. But then, The giant bee escaped and destroyed Gotham city. Yup, The joker didn't do anything. So now there is a giant bee on the loose that is still on the loose. Oh! Look! It's right behind you!

The Bees

One day there were a few bees flying around and they were weirdly attracted to this liquid called pollen. One day there was a fatal mistake. The bees thought a bucket of hot melted gold was a bucket of pollen, and every bee in the hive dove into the bucket of gold……… and died. The next day a construction worker came in and saw more than a hundred bees stuck inside a bucket of solid gold and he decided to hang them up inside his house little did he know they were real bees. The next day the bees got revenge.

The attack of the...

It was a nice sunny day, when Tessa was peacefully reading a book on her lounge chair, on her balcony. Suddenly, out of thin air, she hears a deafening buzzing. She looks around, puzzled thinking, "It's probably just me". Seconds later, she sees what she thought she heard. A huge golden-brown cloud of what she knew were the apocalypse bees. She thinks about taking cover, but it was too late. The enormous bees swarmed around her balcony of her apartment. She was settled by the queen, and brought to the floor, with Tessa shaking heavily, thinking her life is over...

a bEE poOpEd on mE

Plop! I felt a wet something on my head.  I looked up. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” A bee pooped on me! Oh no! Some of the poop went into my mouth! “Bwerwgrheghrgehreh” I barfed on my shoes. “Hey bee! What’s your name? I’m going to kill you!” “My name is Austin the Buzziest Bee. I am a bee. Look at me buzz.” “Bzzzzzzzzz” “Bzzzzzzzz” I called the bee police. Bee doo bee doo! Yes! The police have arrived! Pew pew pew! They tried shooting the bee with their Glock 69’s but Austin the Bee was too fast. He pooped on all the police.

Friday, December 6, 2019

The Most Flyificent Thing

In a place only spoken about in legends called Earth, there lived a farmer this farmer's name was Mr. Farmer, Mr. Farmer was a good farmer that only believes in science. But one day a man came and told him that birds can’t fly, and he would give him money if he could make a bird fly. So he built a machine that could make animals fly. But Mr. Farmer forgot to include batteries so the bird just plummeted down. Then the bird just slipped out of the machine and flew away. “I didn't know they could fly!” he said


"I did I did it!!!!." "Did what?." "I made an aeroplane!!!!." "Oh wow tha-." "5 OF THEM!!!." "FIVE!?." "YEA!." "Want me too tell you how the flying went." "Sure!." "Okay, it was  last week and I was in the shed working on my plane, and I thought it was done. So I thought I could call some pilots to come take it for a test drive.  A while later the pilots came and they where in the planes, all ready. But then it hit me I forgot to put the engine in. But its to late now its already....I didn't realise it could fly


One day there was a fat man called farid he was fat because he liked to eat lots of pizza. One day while he was stuffing 100 pizza in his mouth  he saw a red ball he went to play with it. Later he saw to ball flying and say to himself “ I didn't realise that they could fly” then continued to eat more pizza but then a knock at the door and he said coming but the guy at the door yelled “FBI OPEN UP and then kicked down the door. Farid screamed “ WHAT THE ####” and then he was shot…...

Thursday, December 5, 2019


I was in the cave of silence. Everywhere was surrounded by monks who took the oath of silence. All of a sudden I spoke. The rule was that if you broke the oath you must die. I started to run but the monks were getting to me/. I saw a bird and jumped on it. All of a sudden, the monks started FLYING. I didn’t realise they could fly. I was getting away but then it happened. I have been dreading to talk about. All of a sudden, they pooped on me! I didn't realise until IT happened to me.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The Other Way Around IV

He was pointing to another alien. Gasp!! Before 3-c0l1 could get a good look at her, Humans dumped more of that paint stuff on her. “Looks healthy!” The old man said, But then he just said “Be quiet Mr Narrator guy! I'm only 400 Years old!!”. Great. The female alien beeped something at 3-c0l1. “ Hello. My name is 5AlM0Ne11A.” That is a long name. Just then, She busted out of the room Because the humans were on something called a Lunch Break. She jumped out of the U.F.O. 3-c0l1 heard a person say “I didn't realize they could fly!” It's called falling.

Undertale 2

I landed surprisingly softly on a red island, the sky was black and the water was dark, dark blue. It was
kind of peaceful until a fish head popped out of the water, and opened its mouth. Its mouth were lined
with huge sharp teeth and a few seconds later, it started to fly. I didn’t realize that they could fly until
now that there were thousands of those ugly flying fish encasing me in a dome of them. “Ughhhh! W.D
Gaster I am going to get you for this!”I screamed. “OH? ARE YOU? Then I started falling.

My Flying Unicorn Friends

  Once there was a unicorn named Allie. Allie’s dream is to fly. One day Allies’ friend wanted her to come over. Allie was excited to go to. Ally went to her friend’s house and some of her other friends came too. One of Allie’s friends asked if you can fly and all the friends said “No!”. Allie and her friends tried to fly but all of the friends flew in the air. Allie was sad and She said, “ I didn’t realize they could fly”. Allie ran back home right into her bedroom and started to cry. Allie was trying to fly in the air. All of a sudden, she was so happy Now Allie can fly.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

the dumb hunter

One day there was a hunter that hunted ducks and turkeys, but he was dumb. One day him and his friend were out hunting and it was his turn to shoot. “Why are u holding a sniper when your two meters from the duck,” said his friend. “Stop distracting me.” He said there was a loud bang and the duck flew away. His friend was staring at him with disbelief. “How did you miss that.” His friend said. “Well I didn’t know ducks could fly,”he said. 2 hours later he was in the hospital with a bullet in his arm.

The Best Christmas!

Hi, my name is Jenna and I love Christmas. Yes I believe in santa and so should you. Anyways this Christmas was the best one yet and I can’t wait to tell you why. It was Christmas Eve when my mom was doing last minute shopping for me and my four brothers, so I had to wait outside for her while she was doing her stuff. Time passed by and I kept wondering how reindeers could fly until something bright started coming out from the sky “what is that”. Before I know it santa is on his sleigh while his reindeers are guiding him. "I didn't realize they could fly"! “HO,HO,HO” said santa.

The Flying Bunny

One dark morning, I went hiking with my friends. I took a camera just in case we saw something cool. When we got in the forest we were going to hike in, we saw a weird bunny laying on the ground with something sticking out from its body. All of my friends ran out of the forest but I just gazed in amazement. I wanted to take a picture of it, but when I clicked the button, it awoke the bunny and it started to fly in the air! I didn't realise they could fly… and I ran out of the forest.


One day a man was fishing he was a good fisherman suddenly two of the fish flew in the air!”I didn’t realise they could fly” the man exclaimed then the fisher grabbed his scuba diving gear pu it on  and hopped into the water the fisher searched and searched until dark then the fisher was just about to give up.Suddenly out of the blue a school of flying fish flew over him he rushed home with exciting news and reported to the whole world about his discovery.He is now known as the first to discover flying fish.

A Flying Dog With Homeless Boy

Once, there was a boy named Pigogo who was a homeless boy without any parents. He had a dog to keep him company, and not alone. Pigogo had a dream that he wanted to fly with his dog. He wants to fly up to space with his dog. So, they kept on trying and trying but it didn’t work. Pigogo and his dog went to sleep, and then pigogo had dreamed of what he wanted to do. Pigogo saw his dog run off a cliff, and then he flew. So then, Pigogo and his dog were flying happily ever after.

lumpy part 2

Lumpy lived in the zoo for five years. Until he noticed he had wings. So lumpy started practicing his flying skills.Until he could fly fast and fly for a long time. When it was lumpy’s turn to eat food the zoo keeper opened the door and that’s when lumpy escaped. Then Lumpy flew and flew and the zoo keeper said “ I didn’t realize hey could fly.“Then lumpy wanted to find his mom and dad. But he helped his animal friends escape. Then his friends said” we will help you find your parents if you help us find ours.”

The flying pizza : )

Once there was a pizza called flying pizza and a kid named pepa ordered it at flying pizzas diner. Next pepa was about to take a bite out of the pizza and then it flew out the window and then pepa said “ I didn’t realize they could fly”, and the water said “ Me neither”. After the pizza flew out the window pepa wanted her money back but they said  “ You snooze, you lose”. So pepa went to chase it but it was too fast so she commandeered papas pigs car which was a lambo and got the pizza in seconds when she got it she took a bite.    

My Nokia 6969

I looked out my bedroom window when… “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” There were flying Peeppas in the sky! “Bzzzzzz” “Bzzzzzz” The flying Peeppas sounded like bees! “Peeppa, what are you doing in the sky?” “Bzzzzz” “Bzzzzz” Wow! I didn’t realise that they could fly! I took some photos of the flying Peepas with my Nokia 6969 Series. Now the Peppas were snatching humans from their front lawns and stuffing them in their pink butts! “Bzzzzzzz” “Bzzzzzzz” The Peeppas were growing bigger and bigger! “Bzzzzzzz” “Bzzzzzzz” All of a sudden I got swept up from my bedroom window and into their pink bums! “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Monday, December 2, 2019

Lumpy the future airplane

Once Lumpy the Heffalump decided to become an airplane. He was so passionate about his goal, that he used every spare second to give it another shot. He would flap his enormous ears, but always land on his head. One day Lumpy decided to ask his mommy about what to do, but the answer was always the same, "Oh Lumpy! Your imagination is so wild!" but that wouldn't stop him. He decided that with his weight he would go nowhere, and stopped eating until you could see an outline of his bones. "If this doesn't work than I'm not sure what will." Lumpy gave it all in his last attempt. He jumped and then before he knew it, he was flying! "Hey! I didn't realise they could fly!" I said.

The Lucky Turkey

One evening, I was outside battling the snow and wind for hours, trying to catch something to eat for dinner. After all those hours, I finally saw a turkey. I was really surprised that I had randomly come across one. I got my bow out, pulled back my arrow, and let go. The arrow flew straight toward the turkey but it suddenly flew away just before my arrow hit it. I didn't realize they could fly and felt very dumbfounded. I went back home to my hut with my stomach growling to remind me each time that it is empty.