Thursday, November 28, 2019


  Once upon a time there was an elephant who loved to play the violin. He had a friend, the purple butterfly
who was happy and cheerful. They liked painting and dancing, “Error! Error!” said a robotic voice.
W.D Gaster screamed as his body shattered into pieces. “ARE YOU THERE?” you open
your mouth to speak but you cannot speak. “HELLO THERE. THANK YOU FOR BEING MY
TEST SUBJECT.” then you feel yourself drifting into a back hole you never noticed before.
It's more of a crack of a gaping mouth, and you keep falling until you see the bottom.

the great bun bun war

Once upon a time in a other universe there lived the Bun Bun Kingdom. One day a war broke out because the dun duns won’t  go boom boom, so the bun buns took their big boy elephants and the dun duns grabbed their purple muskler chin grape bomb ten went to war. While the war was happening one bun bun was playing a happy violin while painting a dun dun. But then a dun dun came and ripped the panted dun dun. After the war the bun buns won and ate all the dun dun’s bum bums all the dun duns are now sad

The Little Girl

Once, there was a girl who was named Susie which had 4 earrings in each ear, and it was also purple. Susie lives with her Grandma, and Grandpa because Susie’s parents got  into a car accident, and then they died. Susie was a fantastic violin player. She plays it all around U.S.A (United States Of America). Her Grandma, and Grandpa went to an animal safari, and they saw lots of animals. They were all so happy to be there together. After that, they saw elephants all around the place. The elephants painted lots of stuff. It was a fun day.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Other Way Around lll

As 3-c0l1 was hauled into another room, A purple elephant playing the violin was playing on a magical box. Weird, But somehow, he felt very happy. He entered the room to see a very old man with a very long beard sitting on a beanbag chair. “Hurry up! Do the x-rays!” The human in the black shirt grabbed a bucket of...Hmm..PAINT. He dumped it over 3-c0l1. Suddenly, He was clear. He had been painted clear! “No, No, NO! I said to do it on THAT one!”. The man was pointing to another alien. Oh boy.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Green elephant

Once jrDr.susse was writing a story about a Purple elephant he did not like that colour so he painted him green just like green eggs and ham. When he was done painting he was happy and started playing the blue violin and after he painted the violin red and put a louis vuitton logo on it and sold it for ten thousand dollars and became rich. He was the richest elephant in hoo vill and bought a dogborghini and rid around town in it with his green elephant. After a bit he got bored and went back home to play.

The Circus

One day, I went outside for a walk outside and noticed a small passageway leading somewhere. My mom said to come back before sundown but the sun was still shining and I was very curious what was behind the trees so I went. After a few minutes of walking, I saw a small village full of houses. I peered in a circus or something and saw a happy elephant who painted a PURPLE VIOLIN?!? The show continued but when it finished, I might had cheered too loudly and everyone glared at me. I sprinted back home and never went there ever again.

This Story Took A Long, Long, Long, Long, Long Time To Write

In the mystical land of elephantville, a purple elephant walked along the sidewalk. He was very happy. The reason why he is so happy is because he got invited to a museum so he could show what he had painted. He painted himself playing the violin. The owner of the museum stared at the painting for a long, long, long, long, long time, I could have put twenty thousand more “longs” in there but that would have taken a long, long, long, long, long time.  Oh, would you look at that, our time is up, that took a long time.

Bob Rosses Painting

   Once there was a famous artist and his name is Bob Ross. Bob Ross decided to paint a purple elephant. Bob Ross asks his assistant to play the violin for him and he was happy. Bob Ross finishes his masterpiece of a purple elephant and then Bob Ross takes his painting to the art gallery. Once he displays his art piece, everyone ran to see the masterpiece and take pictures. The manager of the art gallery said to Bob Ross” this is the best masterpiece ever seen painted and even the whole entire world”. Bob Ross is happy with his painting.      

The Best Day At The Zoo

One sunny morning, Doris went to the zoo with her family. She wanted to go see the elephants because they were her favourite animals. When she arrived at the elephant exhibition, she heard a man asking anyone if they would like to try feeding the elephants. Of course Doris wanted to try, and she got chosen! She was very happy, yet a bit scared. After she fed the elephants, she got a purple painted elephant sculpture as a gift from the man. After a few minutes of looking at the elephants, they went to watch an animal show near the monkeys. Doris won a violin from it!

Lumpy Part 1

There was a mommy elephant and a purple daddy elephant and then they had a baby. The baby was a purple elephant, his name was Lumpy.Lumpy was always happy until one day people came to take elephants and put them in the zoo. So they were finding elephants and then lumpy jumped out and he was so happy to see people. Then people took Lumpy and put him in a box then they painted the box purple. Later that day lumpy was very sad and the zoo keeper played the violin but lumpy was thinking about escaping the zoo.

Canta Slaus is too Phat

Canta Slaus’s favourite holiday was Christmas. The parents bought all the presents for the kids and so Canta Slaus didn’t need to do anything. Canta Slaus loved eating milk and cookies. But the parents didn’t get any and they were not happy. On Christmas, he rode off with his elephants he painted purple to steal more cookies. At the 1st house, they had 7563 cookies. Canta Slaus ate all of them. At the 69th house, they had 27985 cookies. He ate all of them. At the 420th house, they only had a violin. He ate it. BOOM! Canta Slaus exploded.

my saterday

One day I went to the zoo and saw an elephant painted purple. The elephant was happy when someone played the violin. Then i went to the lion enclosure and got to feed lions i was scared to do it but my mom said that i can do it ad if i did i would get ice cream and candy. Once i got my ice cream and candy i went home and played some fortnite and apex legends and NFL madden 19 for two hours. Then I ate dinner and went to play more video games and then went to bed.


A long time ago there was an elephant named Rosie who lived in Happyville. She loved playing the violin and her favorite colour was purple, but one day an evil elephant named Jackson took over Happyville. He made sure that no one was happy. After a few months of living in doom it was going to be Rosie’s 11th Birthday but she didn't know how to celebrate it because of all the sadness surrounding her. So the night before her Birthday she painted something beautiful for Jackson wrote a note along with it. The next morning everyone was happy because that note impacted Jackson a lot.

The Purple Elephant

One day an elephant decided to paint himself purple, but there was a problem, he had no hands. So the elephant bought a swimming pool from his fellow human, filled it up with purple paint and jumped in. But there was another problem, he could not get out. So again the humans helped him out and when the now purple elephant was now happy and purple elephant decided to play his happy violin tunes, but he had no hands so he bought a music hall all to himself. And after he was done he opened it up to the public.

The Girl with the Power of.....

There was once a girl named Emily who for some reason wanted to become a villain. Her role model was the joker. He was the criminal mastermind of the world. Years past and Emily turned 18. As she was walking Down Town, she saw the Joker, but he wasn't alone. He had captured Lumpy the Purple Elephant from Winnie The Pooh. He was using this violin thingy-mabober, to hypnotize it. Emily suddenly fainted. She felt bad for the elephant, but used her super power, her voice, to save the terrified creature. She felt happy as soon as he released the elephant.

Friday, November 22, 2019

The Marmite Man

A not so long time ago in a far far far far far far really far away land there lived a man. This man was special because in this land people were made of food. But the Marmite Man was always being teased because he wasn’t very solid and was always leaving a trail of marmite behind him. But one day a man came and he wanted some bread the marmite man gave him some bread and some jam, but “No” He said “I want marmite” The Marmite Man was horrified to death and ran away screaming.

The Boy Who Said I Like Marmite

One day there was a boy named Dicky he was walking down the street and then he saw the famous Jicheal Mackson. Then Jicheal Mackson asked Dicky to walk with him,Dicky said “sure” so Dicky walked with Jicheal Mackson and he asked Dicky a question. Jicheal Mackson said “would you like to be famous?”Dicky said”I like marmite”.So Dicky became famous and he was on the news and the news reporter said”do you like turtles?” he said “ bo I like marmite. So a year later Dicky became a billionaire because all he said was I like marmite.

truth or dare

There were multicolored people each with some unique personality.Red is always mad,orange always active,yellow was always happy , green always puked at gross stuff ,blue was always lazy ,purple was always sleepy pnk was kind.One day they were playing truth or dare “truth or dare blue” said to yellow  yellow says “dare!”blue said”I dare you to steal reds headphones'' “no” he will kill me!”said yellow”fine I will just sleep then”said blue “truth or dare “yellow said orange said “truth” “is it true you like ice cream “ “no”he said “I like marmite”

true love

One day there was this boy named marmite Everyone wanted to be him..... "EEEEEEEEKKKK MARMITE MARRY ME EEEEEEEEK!!!." "Hey dude." said Brandon, "What?." said chad "Do you like marmite?." "Why you asking?." Chad said while blushing "Because hes so dumb and you always blush when you see him." "Wellllllll......" "Well what?!" Brandon said sharply, "......If you like him we can't be friends anymore." " ........No" he said " I like marmite.." ".......oh...uh...bye" "Bye..." "I'm gong to go and confess to him!" Chad went to go confess to him but.....marmite said..Yes! and they lived happy together

Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Demodog : Final Chapter

They flew into the air. Twenty-One showed up. Her nose was bleeding which meant she was using her superpowers. We ran and met up with my other friend and went into a store. I almost kicked a jar of marmite. “No” he said “I like marmite”. I stopped and gave it to him. Suddenly the demodogs burst through the store.  We ran through the store but the shadow came in and we couldn't see anything. Then there was a screeching noise and a red flame. They were finally gone. We ran outside and saw the soldiers celebrating. It was over.


“Some of you guys challenged me to try Marmite”. “I didn’t want to do this by myself, so I brought my friend over”. When he came over, I told him to take a bite and say it was disgusting. We took a bite and I said my lines. I waited for my friend, but he was taking more spoonfuls! I told him to stop and that he's ruining the video for us, But he just said “No" He said. "I like Marmite!” I tried to grab it out of his hands, but he was gone.

my breakfast

One day in britain I was at a restaurant for breakfast and one guy ordered toast with Marmite and eggs. When he got his food on his toast was marmalade “no” he said,”I like marmite” not marmalade. When I ordered my food I asked  for toast with jam and honey and Marmite on the side. When my food came it was very good and I had a lot of marmite. When I was done eating i told my mom to go buy some marmite. When she came home she had vegemite not marmite so she went to return it.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

a day in the life of a steriotypical Britan

It was a very normal day for british Bob. He went to a fancy cafe for breakfast. He ordered 
two slices of fancy British Toast, and he ordered a cup of very british tea. He started to pour a
kilogram of sugar into his tea until the waiter took away his marmite. “No!”he said, “I like
marmite!” So the waiter left the marmite on the table and said; “ You are a very British person.
I appreciate it.” and british bob said; thank you sir! Thank you very much!”and then he
opened his mouth and said; “Good day mate!”

Queen Nosna

Queen Nosna was the queen of plopyland on Mars in solar system 9098. Queen Nosna had a son named Anson. One day prince Anson said he loved margarine and wanted a lot of it so the queen got to work and ordered everyone in town to make margarine. After 5 years of production, most cows were dead from making so much milk for the margarine. Then the queen went up to the prince’s room and plopped down 10000 tonnes of margarine. “No.” he said “ I like marmite.” “Mother you have heard me wrong, and you have killed too many cows.

The Marmite Boy

One Saturday morning, Jonathan and his best friends Kenneth and Steve went to a very fancy restaurant. When they arrived at the restaurant, there was a huge lineup! After 20 minutes of waiting, they finally got in. A waiter came to their table and asked them what they wanted for appetizer. Jonathan and Kenneth didn’t want any appetizer, but Steve wanted toast. “ Would you like jam on your toast?” the waiter asked. “No,” he said, “I like marmite.” “MARMITE?!!” the waiter yelled.  “ ARE YOU CRAZY!?” “No” said Steve. So the waiter went off looking more shocked than normal.

My Friend

Today, I'm meeting my British friend named Alister. He is coming over to my place for breakfast. He arrived at my door at 9:00 AM. We sat down at my table in silence, no one spoke. I finally asked him if he wanted any jam on his toast,”No,” he said,”I like marmite.” “Sorry, I don't have any marmite.” I said. Alister got up and left my house. I was so confused on why he would just get up and leave. It might have been because I don’t have any marmite. “Oh well, I guess im not British enough for him.”

Peanut Butter Jelly Or Marmite

There was a little boy in Britain who was extremely picky with the spreads on his bread and his most favourite one yet was marmite. One day, there was something new in Food Basics frozen isle, peanut butter jelly. The boy went to the store with his mother to try it. He tried a sample of it and hated it. “Are you sure you don't want me to make sandwiches with peanut butter jelly in it?” his mother asked him. “No,” he said, “I like marmite.” His mother was secretly happy because peanut butter jelly was $2.50 more expensive than marmite.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The bloody legend

Once there was a youtuber named Lazer beam and he liked challenges. One day he did a challenge where he had to eat marmite, so he got the camera got the marmite and started the video. Lazer beam had a full spoon of marmite and he wanted to throw up he said “never eat marmite.” Then bobby joe commented  “no,” he said, “ I like marmite” and showed us a video of him eating it and Lazer beam called him a bloody legend. Then Lazer beam threw up in the sink and chugged a beer bottle with apple juice in it.


   Once there were two kids named Jason and Mia. They are siblings and they love to cook. It was breakfast time, Mia diced to make toast with peanut butter on all the pieces of toast for the family. Jason came downstairs to ask Mia to put Marmite on his piece of toast but Mia did not listen to Jason. It was now time to eat breakfast and Mia asked if Jason wanted peanut butter on his toast and he said “No.” he said,” I like marmite.”. Mia said “Ok” and Mia puts marmite on Jason’s toast. Jason is now happy with his toast.

Jeff and I

It was Saturday afternoon when my best friend Jeff that I’ve known for nine years came over for an awesome sleepover. Anyways before we headed upstairs we took all the snacks we could find because we were hungry. As me and Jeff were playing Mario Kart we were stuffing ourselves with junk food, because we like food. The next morning I asked Jeff if he wanted jam but “No’ he said “I like marmite” and I gave him his marmite. Sadly Jeff had to leave after breakfast so I just sat in front of my TV and played video games.


Dr.Revalstonc was busy at work, eating marmite.
Outside in the bright pleasing atmosphere were 2 children, constantly talking about sauces,
named Pansy and Draco. When Dr.Revalstonc heard that one of the children said that marmite was
one of the worst and most awful sauce to have as a side for any food, Dr.Revalstonc got really angry.
He smashed and tore of the glass of the window, throwing it at the scared-to-death children. "No" he
said, "I LIKE MARMITE!" and took a lamp post and smashed the glass of the lamp onto the children,
and then got arrested.

i lik marmit

When Tustin Jrudeau was still working as a teacher, he tried to dress up as Aladdin for a school dance but failed horribly. He tried to make himself more darker by covering marmite over his whole body. When his friend recommended to use black paint Tustin Jrudeau refused. “No,” he said, “I like marmite.” So Tustin Jrudeau covered his whole body with marmite and went to the dance with his students. His students put their arms around Tustin Jrudeau for a picture but after, they hollered “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, my whole arm is covered with marmite!” Tustin Jrudeau licked his students arm.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Missing Girl Part 3

But can you at least give me a hint." "Red..." " what?" "In a cave pass the lava an-" "Found it!." "Woops forgot to hide it...Well I guess you have completed my quest now go to the red guy." "Uhhhh red guy or whatever?. " "Heyyy red guy"  Ugh  what i'm trying to slee-ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh." "Hi?" "uhhhh whats a good quest hmmmm." "You know I can just have my wish." "OH!." "What!." "Get me chocolate." "oh is it ok if its melted?." "Sure i dont care." Ok here" "Thanks." "Whats your wish?." "I wish for more wishes." "No." "Hmm.....My......daughter


Once there was a kid named Rad and he loved the colour blue. But Rad was blind because he looked at a bright light or face when he was little. One day a man or woman said that they could give him his sight back if he went to Flanders Field and got a blue poppy that was contaminated with pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Rad found one and while he was on his way back he saw an old man that had fallen down. Rad helped him up and the man gave Rad his sight back and Rad changed his name to Red.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


There was a gamer who needed  a new set of headphones he saw some cool red headphones so he wanted to buy it .He didn’t have a job so he shovelled driveways he got some cash but not enough so he kept on going till spring then he lawn mowed to get just the right amount so he went to the good stuff store but they were all sold out.Disappointed he went home and then he saw his father holding red headphones and his father said “son you worked hard so consider this a gift from me to you “.

In Flanders Fields

Lieutenant Charles walked through Flanders Fields thinking about the war, thinking about his friends, and thinking about his family. He lost almost everything, including his dignity. As he walked he could see the bright red poppies. They reminded him of blood, but it didn't make him feel sad. It made him feel grateful that he made it back from the war alive. So as he walked, happiness flowed through him.”From now on, whenever im sad, I will come right here.” He said. Lieutenant Charles picked up a poppy and brought it home with him. He still remembers that very day.

The poppy lesson

Once a little johnny was running through the fields and he saw a red flower. He googled what flower it was, it was a poppy it represented the soldiers that fought in world war one and two. Then he went to pull it out of the ground and a soldier said don’t touch that kid and little johnny froze he wet himself a bit. Then the soldier said that the poppy is a sign of peace if you kill the poppy by taking it out  of the ground you kill the peace and you wouldn’t want that would you. No I wouldn’t want that.

The Poppy

On November 11th, Alice was given a poppy. The poppy was black in the middle and had red petals. Her mother got very emotional and told her that a lot of Canadian soldiers died in WW1. She also told her that her father died in the war. “ The poppy is a symbol of remembrance.” said her mother. So Alice put on her poppy, and went upstairs to learn more about what happened in WW1. She learned that more than 45,000 Canadian soldiers died fighting for their freedom. Alice wanted to tell all her friends about the poppy and the war.

The Letter

There was a little girl named Red and her dad left to fight for our country in the army. One day in the mail, there was a special letter from the head of the army. She opened it quickly, ripping the envelope and read the letter out loud. A tear rolled down her cheek when it read, “...Your dad passed away a few moments before the war ended…”. After a few days, Red and her mother went to the cemetery with flowers in their hands. Remembrance Day is a special day for Red to learn about the soldiers and the wars.

jacked paul

jacked paul
There was a man named jacked paul. He has a Yatube channel called jacked paul he sucked and nobody liked his video. One day had a idea to eat red flaming lava. So one day he and some friends melted some rocks to make lava his friend  started the camera then Jacked Paul pour the bucket of lava on him self. He did not die because hes jacked paul, but then he remembers that he is jacked paul so he die. So don't be jacked paul or else you will die because you are jacked paul. The end

The Jet

Once, there was a Jet which was about to take off into space. It was the biggest Jet that could have been built. It was twenty thousand meters long. There was a guy named Bill who invented this twenty thousand meter jet. He invented some other kinds of things like computers, phones, Ipads, and much more! The Jet was almost ready to launch up into the sky. So, Bill got has somebody to go into the Jet, and fly up into the sky. His name was John, Bills' best friend when they were studying in grade 3. So, Bill pressed the red button, and they launched.

The Demodog Part 3

The Demodogs were everywhere. We ran as fast as we could. We got to the town hall and saw red poppies out on the front. Then we realised the whole city had been evacuated. We saw military trucks entering. They were attacking them. The demodogs were too strong. They were winning the battle. Then a fire started and we found out that heat can hurt them greatly. Then we brought in some flamethrowers. Suddenly a huge shadow appeared in the sky. We were all confused. Then the demodogs came charging at us. The military wasn't strong enough. Then it happened...

The disease part 1

One day a boy named Karangutan. He was born with a disease called Red transformation jutsu it’s when the person with the disease touched someone they would turn red and start chasing people and then they would get the disease and then it will keep going. So Dr.Dolittle saw the news and then started making the cure so he made the formula and the ingredients were a sock, toenails, foot fungus, and a computer. They will go back to normal is when you make them touch the cure. Then Dr.Dolittle made the people with the disease touch it.

the pumpkins part 2

Mr and Mrs Orville were at a party and a pumpkin and a jack-o-lantern were bidding over a human. The Grand Pumpkin came up to the stage and said “this human starting at 1000 dollars. It wasn’t a second before both the pumpkin and the jack-o-lantern raised their stems and said  1001 dollars the Grand Pumpkin said the orange one said it first. But they were both orange Then Mrs Orville who was drinking a red grass juice said “1002 dollars,” and just like that the pumpkin and jack-o-lantern were too shocked to speak and that was the end.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Once, there was a guy called Red. Yes. R.E.D. Red was a soldier in World War 3. There was just one problem. Red was bright red. So the opposing team would often target Red. Red still did soldier-like things, like shoving grenades down peoples backs, Hating on the food in the trench, And uh… other things. But then one day, The enemies dropped a nuke in the trench. Luckily, Red and his troops were wearing nuke-proof vests. The next day, Red dropped a bunch of bombs in the enemies base. They thought they were potatoes. “Guys! Look out!”. “Eh?”. A UFO abducted all of them.

The Mad Red Man

       Once there was a mad man named  Red. Red was always mad and never happy in his whole entire life. It was November 11th, 2019. Red was walking to the park for some fresh air, but a man named Yellow called Red “Apple Pie”. Red got even mad, and he stomps back home and starts to rage very hard. On his way home, a man named Green bumped into Red and made Red feel better. Now Red feels better, Red and Green became best friends. Now Red feels happy now because of Green, and Now Red has more friends now.


It was Austin’s first time watching Frozen with his parents. He was really excited and wanted to hug Olaf really badly. He thought that Olaf was super squishy like a marshmallow. Austin also thought that Elsa was really bad because she was an ice princess and he hated ice. At the start of the movie, Austin almost wet himself because he was sooooo excited! Now Austin was in the middle of watching Frozen when all of a sudden… The whole screen turned RED! Now Austin was petrified and ran out of the movie theatre leaving a wet trail behind him.

Red and the Well

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Red. She was the brightest little girl you can find. On her way to school Red fell in a well and didn’t know what to do, so she started crying very, very loud. Luckily a stranger named Bob heard Red crying so he rushed to the well and called 911 to help the poor little girl. As the minutes went by Bob kept Red in company and told her not to cry and that everything’s going to be fine. After an hour the fire department finally came and saved Red.

Memories Of World War 1

Imagine that a long time ago, soldiers were fighting for peace, for our generation. Imagine being a small child seeing your parents or father being separated, hoping for them to return and become a happy family once more. The desperate soldiers, longing to return home, but they suffer and hear the guns violently shooting. What would you feel like if you were a soldier who watches a beloved friend of family get killed on the spot? How do you think those suffering would feel? Well on the 11th month, on the 11th hour, of the 11th minute, we have silence and were the poppy to remember, and thank those who sacrificed for us.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Lamar and the pumpkins

Lamar and his family were getting ready for Halloween and putting up lots of decorations when suddenly Lamar’s father told him to go to the basement and get the three pumpkins for Halloween. So Lamar went to the basement and heard 3 pumpkins talking to each other. The orange one spoke then the one with soil and then the one that was all greyish Lamar freaked out and told his parents to come downstairs with him. So his parents came downstairs with him and Lamar showed them the talking pumpkins when his parents saw that the pumpkins were talking they had a heart attack. To be continued…... 

Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Bug

The astronauts had fallen into a black hole. They were just floating when...BOOM they crashed onto a weird planet. Then the floor started moving to revile a bug that crawled out of a hole. “Go die in a hole!” An astronaut said to the bug. But then the bug said, “Go die in a hole two legs!” The bug said to the astronaut. Then out of the hole came more aliens but these ones were multicoloured. The orange one spoke first saying “Who are you and why are you kicking my hair?” and put the bug on his head.

the missing girl part 2

"But I don't get it where did it go?." "Are you ok what are you talking about.?" Karen looked around the forest in pure fear. "Wait.....whats that bright light there." "Hey I see it too......" There where two big crystals floating in the air, one was red and one was orange. The orange one spoke first. "Do not fear for I am nice and I need you to do me a favour." "Any favour!." "Good and if you do my favour and his favour I shall grant you one wish." "Yes please!!!." "Find the key...." "what...key?" You tell me...

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

laboke james

One day there was a man named Laboke James he was a not good basket ball player and he like to dunk on these bun buns. Day he was dunking on some bun buns then he saw 7 rainbow   dwarfs. The orange one spoke first and said “YEEEEEEEEEEEE!’ and they all chast after Laboke James. So Laboke James started to run but he too slow, so the dwarfs ate his bun buns. So now you know to never to dunk on those bun buns or 7 rainbow dwarfs will come and eat your buns buns.

The Crayons

There was a box of crayons sitting on the table. None of the crayons in the box knew what they wanted to do, so they sat in silence. Then, all of a sudden all of the crayons thought of the same thing, they finally found out what they wanted to do. The orange one spoke first, I want to go to sleep! All of the other crayons agreed and they fell asleep. All of sudden, the red crayon woke up. He heard some strange noises. He didn't really care, he was just really tired so he went back to sleep.

The other way around 2

As 3-c0l1 was being abducted, he heard voices from above, “We got one! I repeat, We got one!”. 3-c0l1 was pulled into a gigantic room with two humans. One was wearing a black shirt and the other was wearing orange. The orange one spoke first. “So you are an alien?”. 3-c0l1 replied with “Beep Beep Boop.”. The black one turned to the orange one. “Do you know what he just said?”. His friend replied with “Yup. He just said that your are stupid.”. That was not what 3-c0l1 just said. “Take him to testing!”. “BEEP”. 3-c0l1 just said that humans are stupid. Off to another room.

The annoying orange

Once there was a box of four fruits there was an apple, orange, banana, and a peach. The apples name is bob the oranges name is annoying orange the  bananas name is banana and peaches name is jeff they can’t talk. Then one day the annoying orange fell off the kitchen counter and hit the ground and screamed beep, and the orange one spoke first he also gave the old man in the kitchen a heart attack first. Then when he spoke all of the other fruits were surprised and they said OMG what the beep is with us we can talk and now.


One day there were five people who each had a unique skin tone the first one was red second orange third yellow fourth green fifth blue.An ordinary person saw them and said “why are you guys multi coloured?”The orange one spoke first”we are like this because it was a dare to paint ourselves multi coloured and walk in public ”the orange dude explained  ”oh”said the man then he left.When they arrived home a demon appeared and used a spell and it cursed then to stay multicoloured forever and ever till the day the demon dies.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

the pumpkins part one

One day the jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins were having a party “Sweetie, could you get me a grass juice” said Ms Orville. “Sure honey,” said Mr orville. And just as Mr orville picked up the drink, the grand pumpkin came to the stage and said “And now for the bidding, this human starting at 1000 dollars,” within a second 2 pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns raised their stems. The pumpkin said 1001 dollars but at the same time the jack- o-lantern said 1001 then the grand pumpkin said “ The orange one said it first” both jack-o-lantern said “Ha that’s me.” But they were both be continued

The Talking Waterbottle

One day Ms.Ptasznik went to her favorite shop, and she was going to buy art supplies. At the art supply isle, she saw 2 water bottles in the middle of nowhere! She had never seen them there before! When she was going to grab the paint, she could hear “ Help” beside her. She looked at the water bottles and they were both yelling!! The orange one spoke first… “ Help, we were once humans, but then we got turned into water bottles by those sharpeners!”  Ms.Ptasnik was very confused, but she decided to buy both of the water bottles.

The Orange Boy At Public Speaking


Once there was bot named Zac. he is an orange man. Zac’s mom told him that he had to go to a public speaking class and Zac was happy to go too public speaking class. Once Zac arrived at the public speaking class, people started to call Zac “Pumpkin”. The teacher pf the public speaking class told Zac to go first and the orange one spoke first. Everyone started to laugh so hard and Zac started crying. The teacher told Zac “Maybe the public speaking class is not right for you”. Zac said “Ok” and Zac never went back to public speaking class again.   

the election

One day in pencil case town,the pens and pencils were having a debate on who should
become the new mayor of the town. The orange one spoke first: “Why would anyone not pick
me? Our party is literally called ‘Ink’!
“And why is that important to gaining trust?” a purple one asked.
“It's because ink is what keeps us alive!” the orange one said again.
“I’m sorry sir, but you are out of the election.” the purple one said strictly.
So the orange one slumped and walked away slowly, and the purple one continued with
someone else eagerly trying.

The fruits

Once, there were some fruits which were called Banana, Apple, and an Orange. They were all friends for a long time. They talk to each other on their phones. They all then met each other at a party. They were dancing at the party together. Then, they all got aggressive and were fighting each other.  Then, the orange said a bad word. Then the security guard said not to say bad words. After that, the banana said a bad word to the orange. The security guard said ‘’GET OUT.” Apple said, ‘’ The orange one spoke first. Finally, the orange left.

Monday, November 4, 2019

The Lonely Orange

One day in the supermarket for fruits. There were so many fruits in the supermarket. So people started barging in to buy fruits, so people were pushing and shoving and then every fruit was gone except for a tiny orange that was still growing so the orange grew and grew and was very lonely.The person who owns the store started adding more fruits in baskets. So when it was the day that the people came they started grabbing fruits and nothing was left because a baby took the orange and the orange one spoke first it said “let me go.”

The Orange Pumpkin

It was an ordinary day for Bob the farmer until he heard noises from one of his pumpkins. Bob went to explain to his wife that the orange one spoke first, but he didn’t know which orange pumpkin spoke first. So Bob decided to investigate all night, but sadly didn’t come back home with any evidence. Two days later when Bob went to pick out pumpkins to carve for Halloween he had started a conversation with the orange pumpkin, until Bob realized everything was in his big head. Anyways, from that day on Bob makes sure not to make a fool of himself.

Politacilly Incoreccet

We were interrogating the suspects who we thought killed Cillary Hlinton. They were Tustin Jrudeau, Uim Kong Jn, Tonald Drump, and Pladimir Vutin. The orange one spoke first. It was Tonald Drump. “Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” “All I wanted to do was build a wall!” “I had to kill her!” “Bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Tonald Drump is a big crybaby. He cries all day and is fat. The police arrested him on the spot. The other suspects got released. Tonald Drump got sentenced to eighty-five years in prison. He died from crying in his cell. They found him with bloodshot eyes because he cried too much.

my strange dinner.

One day I was going to go out for dinner before I went trick or treating. While I was eating I saw  four people in colored body suits made out of latex. Each man with a different color orange,red,black,and green . They entered the restaurant . The orange one spoke first”i will get the pasta” said the orange man. When the food came the man in orange pulled off his mask and started to eat. When he was done he put his mask back on and paid. When he left the other man left also it was funny.

The Pumpkins

There once was a patch of pumpkins that could speak and change colours. One day before Halloween, a little boy in a poor family decided to get a pumpkin. He went out the door, climbed over a fence and saw the magical pumpkins. He picked up the smallest pumpkin and started to walk away with it. The orange one spoke first and screamed, “STOP!”. The green pumpkin shouted, “THAT’S MY CHILD SIR!”. The boy turned around and froze. He dropped the pumpkin and ran away in terror. He tried to tell his mother and father but no one believed him.

The Angry Gucci Woman

There was once a woman who loved designing animal print fashion, and made a brand named Gucci. Then a cafe named McDonalds came along, and that is what made her angry. Majority thought that McDonalds was better, the evil Gucci woman decided to make a potion that would turn the owner, chefs into bright, colorful pumpkins, then put the potion into a 100 Pure Life water bottles and all the victims drank it, which turned them into colorful pumpkins. The orange one spoke first, saying "Yum, you look tasty girl" to one of the servants, who was just some fries.

Friday, November 1, 2019

the creepy Halloween story

One Halloween night I saw a red balloon floating in the air. And when it floated closer to me I saw a man with a clown costume on. When I saw that man i got very frightened and then I quickly turned around and ran as fast as possible. I finally got away and then I fell into a brown puddle of mud. Then the clown cot up and I kicked him very hard. And now i will never go out  trick or treating ever again. Now I just buy candy from a store and do not go trick or treating.

The demodog Part 2

We ran out of my room and almost kicked the front door down. It was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced. When we got outside i didn’t know what to do. Then we saw my brown shack. I have never been so happy to see it. When we went inside, I saw my bat next to a single balloon. We went back in the house. Then I remembered i had another cat. I rushed inside to go save him but when I found him, he was dead. Demodog ran away and wasn't seen again. Suddenly I saw more...


One day Timothy and Nathan was walking in an alley and found a Drawing of a man with no face so they took the drawing and then the man with no face appeared and it was very frightening then, the person with no face started chasing them and then They out ran the person with no face and then they found a shack and went inside and found a large brown box then they took it outside and then he appeared again but with a balloon then Timothy and Nathan kicked him and punched him then they put him in the box and never opened it again.


One day there was a scientist whose lab was overrun by balloons  for some odd reason he found them frightening but he feared the brown one the most frightening . He never ever dared to near it. Then one day a boy kicked the brown one the scientist was scared it would come to life and chase them  but it just floated away. The scientist was no longer scared of them and he kicked them all out of his lab. Then he relaxed and never ever saw the balloons again especially not the brown one it just floated away never to be seen

A Good Friend!!!!!

Once, there was a little boy named Timothy who was playing around with his friends at the park. Timothy had a balloon in his hand, and then he popped it. He was sad, but he said “I would never cry again.’’ Then, Timothy went to go play ball with his brown doggy. He played with him a lot, and Timothy was very happy after, he popped his balloon. While Timothy was playing ball with his dog, Timothy kicked the ball up high in the air, and then the dog jumped up. Timothy was frightening when he jumped. He caught it. Yah!!!!!!!!

clown costume

One day Georgina made a costume with her brand new red balloon! She had just gotten it
from a frightening clown from the fair. It even tried to bite her arm off! It was almost
Halloween, so she decided to dress up as a creepy clown. The day she went out, she got
lots and lots of candy. Then a big brown dog showed up and she got scared. She ran away
from it and it started chasing her. She ran all the way to her house, but the dog was catching
up. She threw her balloon and kicked it.

Clown Face

On October 31st, 2015 a clown was getting ready to scare everyone. The clown started at 7:00 o,clock. The first thing he did to scare a child was pop a brown balloon in their face. That kid who got pranked vowed to never go trick o treating again. The next thing he did was he kicked a soccer ball to a kids face then another and another and by the time it was nine o,clock he had hit about thirty kids in the face with soccer balls. The last trick up the clown's sleeve was to show the kids his face and when he did the kids got freaked out because he was penny wise.

balloon man

There was a man named steven he really liked balloons his job is to sell balloons in a balloon shop. He knows how to make a lot of balloons stuff everyone calls him the balloon master. One day he was selling balloons he saw a poster that say balloon contest. He thought “I've never been in a  contest before so he signed up. After a week he showed up at the balloon contest he made the most frightening monster when he went in he scared everyone so he got kicked out so he made a big bazooka and blew up the place. 

the clown

One day there was a clown named Anson. Anson loved balloons but he was never holding one. Anson was a very weird man. His hair was brown and he was frightening. He was a nice guy but he poked people for fun very lightly but very creepily. One day it was Anson’s birthday and everyone wanted to scare him. Everyone hid in his closet and waited for two hours and just as people were losing hope and getting out of the closet the clown came down and scared everyone with a pop of a balloon. Anson was officially the scariest guy in New York City.