Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Cacti

One day Suzie and her brother Mark were taking a walk. They walked up a tall green hill and at the very top, they saw a very prickly cacti just sitting there. So they quickly ran to the cacti “ I dare you to touch it Suzie!” Mark said to his sister. So Suzie lifted her hand and put the whole thing right on it! “Ouch! That hurt so much. Look at my bruised hand! How am I going to play the violin!”  Mark and Suzie hurried home and to show their mother Suzie’s hand. “ Now children this is why we don’t touch cacti.”


  1. Megan I wonder where do they live because I know in like toronto there is a no cacti on a hill.

  2. nice by the way why is there a cactus on a hill