Monday, February 10, 2020


My name is Barbara Barbararararar and my family and I were going fishing! We boarded the fishing boat and set off. “Fwoooooooooooooossssshhhhhhhhhhhh!” It came from above, swooping down from the sky. As it flew towards us, I couldn’t see what it was… “OOOMMMGGGG! It’s Bustin Jieber!”  Then Bustin Jieber started singing. “Yeah you got that yummy yummy yummy. Oh yeah yeah yummy yummy oh yeah yeah oh so yummy oh yeah i eat mustard beer wine pizza mmmmmmmmm tAstY.” After he finished singing, he came onto the boat and… “WAIT! I'M A BELIEBER!” So then Bustin Jieber didn’t eat Barbara Barbararararar.


  1. that was just amazing i liked how bustin jieber was gonna eat the girl

  2. omg love you storys yummy