Tuesday, January 7, 2020


It all started when I was approaching my yoga class and out of nowhere a man dressed in black came up to me and said, “Which way to the shops” it panted. Umm I don't know use google maps or something, do I look like a gps to you? At that moment he stole my  precious yoga mat, so I decided to whack him with my thirty-four thousand dollar gucci bag to knock him out. After that he was finally knocked out so, I called the police to take this criminal to jail, and that's how I saved the day.


  1. You keep you the word so and and

  2. Dear Artimes,
    It was funny when you mentioned that you whacked him upside the head, with a 34,000 dollar gucci bag. I also liked when you were mentioned, "Do I look like a gps to you," which was also funny. Over all I liked your story, you already commented on mine, but please keep commenting!