Monday, January 13, 2020

chuck e cheeses reuse their pizza

Tonald Drump was riding around his big wall in a Toyota 52453785 when he saw a vehicle full of Mexicans. He tried calling Dora and Diego to get their people out of here but they couldn’t hear him because they were listening to explicit music. Drump was fed up with the Mexicans so he grabbed his AK and slowly shot as the Mexicans climbed up his big wall but his aim was really bad and he missed all of his shots. Then a furry Chuck e Cheese came up behind Drump with his leftover cheese pizzas and ate him alive.


  1. Hello timothy.
    This is honestly hilarious, I like how this is slightly random yet still makes sense in a funny way. What made you want to write this? maybe check out my story on

  2. Dear Timothy,
    Your story was... I like how you included one of my childhood tv shows in it, Dora the Explorer. But, I didn't like, however that you made Donald Trump extremely racist I also dislike how you made him shoot at the Mexicans. Please comment on my 100 wc at