Thursday, January 30, 2020


One day sonic was racing  le broke james and but leboke james went boom boom and sonic said “but it is so slow so i will eat you now”. Le boke james said noooooooooo i will make a movie about you if you don't eat me. Sonic said only if i look good. le boke james to let's go to mcdonalds to make the movie. After 1000 days leboke james showed sonic the movie and sonic choked on his food and died. The next day le boke james went and showed his movie to a lot of people 1 minute laboke james has killed over 100000000000000000000000000 people. The end

The Invasion

I was in my room when the alien invasion started. I heard a loud bang. I ran outside to see aliens everywhere and people running. I decided to go to the police station to see what was happening. I was gonna take the car but it was so slow I decided to run there. When I got there the place was empty. All of the police officers had evacuated. All of a sudden i heard screaming and I was in the underworld. I saw lava everywhere and I didn't understand what was happening for a few seconds. Then I understood what was happening.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Buying a car

Bob was going to get a new car and his dad was there to help him. When he tried the old car his dad said “we will take this.” but Bob said “but it's so slow I don't like this can we get a faster car please dad?”. The dad sighed and said “fine”. After a few minutes he went to a red car, Bob really liked the car and when he tried it was very fast he “Can we buy it dad please?” said bob “No,sorry it’s too expensive” explained Bobs dad. So they have to find a new car.

Google Copyrights

One day a man invented a laptop but this laptop was special because it can add 1 and 1 at that time it was impressive. When he sold his laptop everyone wanted to buy it. But after people bought it they all complained: “It’s a good laptop but it is so slow I waited 5 minutes!” So the man decided to make a new laptop, the new laptop was so fast that the man-made a Googleplex trillion billion million quadrillions. And lived for 50 years until he was murdered by amazon agents hired by google to get rid of competition.

Two Old Boys And A Boss

Once, there were two boys named Joe, and Tom. They were both Twenty-one Years-old. They were driving to work, and they needed to get there fast, before their boss fires them. Then there was traffic on the road, and it was going to take about another thirty minutes. Tom kept on honking at the people in front of them, so they could go faster, but they stood in the traffic! When they got to work, their boss asked why their late. There was traffic.  Their boss fired them and Tom said, “but it is SO slow, I couldn't drive.” Tom, and Joe both left.

The Race

There was a contest which you are to make the fastest remote-controlled toy car for $100. A boy saw the poster and decided to sign up. After a few hours, he finally finished the car. He tested it and thought it was fantastic until his friend came over. His friend's car was so fast, it made his car seem super slow. The boy said,”I thought it was good enough but it is SO slow I would never win!” His friend fixed the car before the race and in the end, his car was the fastest car and won $100.

My new lambo

Once there was a dude named Mikey he was driving his lambo he said “it is fast” “but it is so slow,” I said. After that he did launch control and it was very fast, I felt like I was  going to barf. Then I drove it and it was so fun. So later that day I bought one and drove it all day until it ran out of gas then I filled it up and drove it home with pride. Then tomorrow I would race mikey and he thought I was using my toyota corolla but really I wasn't.

The scary train

Once there was a man who bought a ticket to ride the best train in the world, so he bought a ticket. Then he went to the train station to wait for the train. So when the train got there he went inside. Then the doors closed and started moving forward. The man thought it would go fast but it is so slow the man was like” lets chill” and then he speed started going up so fast then the doors flung open he almost fell out. Until he was at the next stop. Then he went home and never went on that train ever again.

The Mysteries Slow Train

One gloomy morning, a boy named Ash went on a train with his friend Misty. The train was weird. It only had 5 seats and no one else ever went 0on that train. Ash and Misty really needed to get home, so they decided to ride the train anyway. They saw no one else on the train with them. “How strange” Misty said. After that, the train started moving very slowly on its own. “I kind of like this train” said Misty. “Yeah, but it is so slow, I could probably even walk faster than this! After 1 hour, Ash and Misty arrive at home safely.

My Day At The Beach!

It was a sunny Sunday, when me and my family went to the beach. On our way we almost died, but we were fine. Anyways as me and my pals were setting up our tent, I realized that the waves were getting smooth. But it is so slow I knew something was up. All of a sudden a huge wave starting forming. “ OMG, we’re all going to die” someone said. As I heard people screaming and running, the lifeguards were evacuating the beach. I was still wondering what had happened, until I realized this day would be the worst day of my life!

jack and his bicycle

One day there was a boy named jack. He was very happy to try his new yellow bike but his brother was making a prank. He has no idea what is going to happen to his bike. His brother tried many times to prank him but every time he tried he failed. But his brother has a trick up his sleeve. He went and bought another yellow bicycle and replaced it with the original yellow bike he attached the fake yellow bike to the pole and started running away  from the bicycle. When his jack cam he freaked out about it. And he started crying until his brother came and showed him the real one he said sorry.

My Car

“Today is my birthday! My parents said that they would get me a car!” But at that moment, I pictured my parents getting me a Mini Cooper. I got an idea. “I will go to the car dealership so I can pick out a car.” I rode my bike to the car dealership to pick out the car that I liked best. I spotted a cool pink convertible with flames on the side. “Can I take a test run I asked?” The man said yes so I took it for a test drive. “But it is so slow,” I tell him. After defeat I go home and my parents gave me a toy car.


This is a story about me ,I like travelling the world.One day I stumbled across a jet.I looked around to see if it was anybody but it was only me,so I got in and flew to china.It ran out of gas so I refilled it with a convenient gas tank in the sky. I saw a killer on the loose that busted my jet engine .I ran to a car store and asked for a car he pointed to a slow rusty car “but it is SO slow” I said “to bad” the shop owner said.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

My Worst Nightmare

So You have probably heard of something going around called “CoronaVirus”, Right? Well, This stories gonna be about, you guessed it… Not CoronaVirus! So, I was playing my Swinecraft 6969 edition, When my Wifi wasn’t working. So I connected to this random Wifi source in the middle of my backyard golf course, But it was SO slow, I just played single player Swinecraft instead. Well then, My battery was at 0.00001 percent so I went to charge it. The cable broke and it died anyway. Well at least I still have my Swinecraft 6969 edition. Wait, Noooooo! My Swinecraft 6969!

Out The Window

Bob was a very impatient man, he hated waiting. Bob’s mother asked him to do some research for his next homework assignment, and the second he entered google, it started buffering. Around 10 seconds his mother asked to make sure he was actually doing homework and said “Bob, you better be doing homework doing homework.” Bob yelled at his mother and said “But it’s so slow” his mom said “what’s so slow honey.” “ My computer!” he yelled. “Yes but your slow too Bob.” and that is the story of how Bob’s Mother and his computer got thrown outside Bobs window.


We fell onto… roller coasters? But it is SO slow I could even outrun it! It was as slow as a sloth until
we hit a steep,steep hill. We all screamed as we plummeted down. The area was pitch black and
endless, until we flew into a very well lit tunnel and streamed straight into my room. We stopped for
a bit, then we sped back out. Then we were on a ramp until we were cruising through the air. Then
the coaster glitched into the darkness, and I felt myself falling into the black void, and  I fell.

The Very Slow Turtle

   Hi, My name is Kate, I’m a VSCO girl and I also like to save Turtles. One day I decided to go to the beach. Once I got to the beach, I saw a turtle that was about to eat a plastic straw. I picked up the straw as fast as I could and throw it into the garbage. I had a sip out of the Hydro Flask sksksksk. I picked up the turtle and took it to shore, but it is so slow, I threw the turtle into the ocean. Now I took photos on my Polaroid Camera to celibate that I saved a turtle and plus it was golden hour. Now my mission is completed by saving sksksk turtles.      

Monday, January 27, 2020

my Superbowl Sunday

Today I went to go get a truck for my birthday and got a ram truck.  I have to go to a party so I will drive my new truck. I am driving down the road and got to the party.on my way home I wanted to go fast in my new truck to watch the Superbowl but it is so slow I missed the first 5 minutes of the game. I was watching the game and then the fire alarm went off at my neighbors house. I went over to see  what was happening at my neighbors house.

corona beer

There was once a rapper called Bobe Kryant and he loved to rap. “Ping pong bling blong Mexico China but it is so slow I eat Doritos yum yum yum yum crunch crunch ploopole I like Corona beer it makes me humongous.” The crowd broke into huge applause when all of a sudden, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Bobe Kryant has Coronavirus!” Bobe Kryant grew buboes on his body and fell into the crowd, infecting them with the Coronavirus too! There was a chain reaction as more and more people got infected by the people that were trying to run. “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!”


Everything was slow. From the birds in the sky to the rustling waves of the Pacific ocean. I wonder why? These questions in my head are like the most treacherous storm. I wander around the snail like city. This was a miracle but a pain in some sort of way. I still don’t know why, how, when, what and where this happened. Thinking that a vehicle would be any faster, I carelessly hop on, but it is SO slow I hop off faster than the vehicle itself. I am desperate. There was absolutely NO way this could actually be real...

Friday, January 24, 2020


One day there was a grown man riding a yellow bike.  He was going to the candy shop to get some candy. The man arrived and bought the whole shop and a bed. Now that he owns the shop he wants to sell the candy for a million dollars each. The next day the grown man made a trillion dollars because a little girl came and bought all his candy. A year later he died but his bike was still locked there. And from now on his bike still remains there on the pole

Two Happy Friends!!

Once, there was a man who was named Patrick. He was going to a mall, and then to a library. It took him about 1 mile to get to the library because he lives very far away from the library. When Patrick got to the library, he hung his bike on a pole and left to go inside of the library. Then, Patrick saw his  friend SpongeBob. They went to the library together and came back. They grabbed the bike off the pole, and they went to the mall together. When they went to the mall, they both went in and came back happily ever after!

Nill Bye The Science Guy

One day a man named Nill Bye was testing a new product that he made. He made a bicycle that can go super fast you can go 900,000 km/ per hour. So Nill Bye got 12 people to test out the new bicycle2.0, so the 12 people wore super suits so they won’t get hurt too much. So  after they wore it they all tried the bicycle. They all said it was a good product, but when Nill Bye tried it, he crashed into a pole that was really hard to get off because the bike is made of metal.

David's Bike

David was driving along the countryside when he spotted it, his yellow bicycle that he lost when he was younger. It was strapped to a wooden pole. “Somebody must have found it and put it there”. He thought to himself. David picked up the bike and put it in his car. At his house, he didn't know what to do with it. It was way too small for him. He was happy to have it back but then he thought about how another kid would feel when they could get the chance to ride a bike. So he gave it away.

moto moto

One day a shapeshifter ate Donald Ramps and the fbi  was searching for the shapeshifter. So the shapeshifter turns into a yellow bike right next to mc donalds. The next day moto moto went  to mc donalds to buy some flex tape for his iphone 69. He says to himself “aye no flex tape here” so he saw the yellow bike and said “hmmmmmmmmm thats so chunky bike over there” and then he rode on the bike. The shapeshifter couldn’t stand his fat body so he collapsed so the fbi saw it and sent an big boy nuke on moto moto. The end

The ride to the mall

Once there was a kid with a yellow bike and he was going on a bike ride to the mall. He is rich so he is getting some gucci and louis vuitton. When he arrived he locked up his bike on a pole with one tire up and one down. Then as he was walking in he saw a guy peeing on a wall and then run inside security took him out in a second. Then he saw the gucci store and ran towards it. When he got inside he went straight to the shoes and then to the jewelry he was so excited.


Bob was riding  on his bike and saw a pole but it hit a large rock and the bike crashed into the pole. It perfectly balanced on the pole.Now bob was a very strange guy he saw many things and thought it art.For example his poop on a chair “art”.Bob was inspired by the bike so he ran home and grabbed a black zip tie and he zip tied the bike to the pole. Bobs art became popular and millions liked his art and billionaires bought his art, especially his now famous poop on a regular chair.  

The Deadly Bicycle

One day a boy named Sam was going to buy a new bike. When he got to the bike shop, he saw a yellow bike that he wanted.  Sam really wanted that bike, but he didn’t have enough money! Sam went back home to get more money. On the way back home, Sam saw the same yellow bike he had wanted but it was tied to a pole. Sam took the yellow bike and went on. When he tried to ride it, the bike knocked him into the bushes behind him. Sam was very scared and immediately ran back home.

Sam and her bike

It all started when a little girl named Sam decided to bike to her grandma’s house. On her way she went to buy  some muffins for her grandma and parked her bike outside. When she came out of the bakery, Sam was in complete shook. Her bike was attached to a pole. “OMG” cried Sam. “Who would do such a thing” yelled Sam. Sam was sitting at the edge of the road until her bike exploded it into tiny little pieces. “What am I going to do now,” said Sam. After all that Sam went to check on her grandma and she was doing great.

This might be the weirdest story I have ever made

“Yes mom...No mom...Ok mom…Stop mom!” anyway, This might be the weirdest story I ever created and I have created some strange things. Here it goes. James was riding his bike. Now this was not a regular bike. This was the super ultra rare nimbus 6969! So James was riding his nimbus 6969 when suddenly, James thought he was a cat, so he peed all over his bike. “It is my bike now!” he said. So he kept on pedaling. Suddenly, the bike stopped. “Oh no. it must have dislocated a wheel! So James chucked it at a tree.


We fell backwards right onto yellow bikes, including the furry dog. The dog couldn’t pedal so he
jumped right off and started running. Everything was going fine until the poles on the side of the road
reached out and buckled onto our front wheels. The dog ran quickly to us calling for help and gnawed
the straps of flimsy fabric off of our bodies, and before he freed me, he gave me a big lick on my cheek!
What a good boy. We ran into every nook and cranny and stuffed all the things we needed into a
backpack. Then...

Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Bike

One day a boy was walking down the road. He saw a man giving out yellow lollipops for free. The boy asked the man for one, but then Mr. Krabs came along at the word free and took them all. The boy got so sad that he cried, so the man gave him a banana ice cream. But then Patrick decided that he was hungry and ate all the ice cream. The boy got soo sad that he cried all night. In the morning he found a bike and used Elmer’s glue to glue the bike to a pole forever.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Yellow Bike

Three boys were biking on colourful bikes on the road to go shopping for milk. Halfway through, a boy really needed to go to the washroom and wailed, “Ahh! I can’t hold it anymore!”. His friend replied, ”Run into the woods and try to catch up to us later.” He quickly propped up his bike on a tree trunk and ran down into the woods. After 30 minutes, the boys went back to see why he was taking so long. But when they arrived, they saw his bright yellow bike still attached to the tree trunk and yelled his name. But he never answered back.

The Prankster


  Once there was a man named John. He likes to prank people. A girl was riding her bike and the bike was yellow. The girl that was riding the bike left her bike at the telephone pole. 30 minutes later, John came up to the telephone pole and decided to zip tie the bike to the telephone pole. The girl came back to the telephone pole. She noticed that her bike was zip-tied to the telephone pole. She decided to call the popo to come and investigate. 5 minutes later, the popo came to investigate and found out that John zip-tied the bike to the telephone pole, popo gave him a warning.

Picky Sally And The Bike

There was once a girl named sally, that only liked pink, and Sally asked for a bike one day. So as a joke her brother George bought her a yellow bike and Sally screamed and cried and got so mad that she stayed in her room for a whole month. When she came out Sally came out she calmly said “Father, please get me a new bike and ground George,” her father said “No sally George did a nice thing for you so you should be happy.” and so she tied the bike to a pole and now it’s art on a pole

i like elmers glue

There was once a yellow bike called Cardi Bike and she was stuck on a pole. But she was happy! Every time a car passed by, it rained money and so she was grateful. But one day, an innocent boy came up to her and picked the lock. Then her paint fell off! Oh no! She needed something to stick the paint back on, so she bought some Elmers glue from Mcdonalds. After she glued the paint back on, she went on the road to celebrate, but then a car crashed into her. And that was the end for Cardi Bike.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

The two wolves

In a bus two wolves were riding around with their heads sticking out of the window, these wolves were furry baby wolves. Then the vehicle slowly pulled to a stop and the baby wolves climbed out through the window. On the streets, the wolves saw many different things like pots and pans, books, cars, and even dynamite. But in the end, they saw a musician playing their favourite music and exploded.

Trumps Tiger

Once upon a time, I was playing jazz music. All of a sudden a vehicle crashed into the house. Donald Trump told me to raise my hands slowly and get in. I climbed up the truck and saw  a furry tiger. Trump said he was now mine. I named him brownie. I rode him through the whole city and found out he could fly. So we traveled the world. All of a sudden some people tried to take him. I fought like my life depended on it. We ran away from them back to america and lived happily ever after.

weird trip

One day a person named Joe was on a trip to climb the tall mountains. Once he climbed halfway he saw a goblin with a weird vehicle that looked like a car with no wheels he was really curious so he went closer very very slowly. He realized  there was also a furry light blue bear.Suddenly The bear roared and a disco ball appeared with loud music from speakers that appeared out of nowhere and they danced it was weird so he decided to continued to climb then went home and never saw the bear and goblin again. 

Music Class

Chase woke up with a start! He looked at his clock. It was 2:57! His music class starts in 3 minutes, he ran out of his house and jumped in his vehicle and drove off. Everyone was driving very slowly so Chase abandoned his car and climbed over some cars and ran to his music class. Just as he got there a big furry dog fell asleep at the doorway. Chase tried to push the dog, but it didn’t work. He kept on trying over and over again. Chase looked at his watch, 4:30. His music class was over.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Festival Car Save

One day a boy named Alex was invited to a festival that he had never heard of. He wanted to go to the festival, so he rushed out of the front door and jumped in his vehicle. He loved driving his vehicle because it always played soothing music. On the road, he saw a police officer catch someone, so Alex decided to go slowly. When he arrived at the festival, all he saw was a bunch of small, furry and deadly rats! He had gotten tricked! The rats were coming closer to Alex, so he climbed on top of his vehicle. Luckily someone came and saved him.

Furry creature

In a far away land there lived an evil furry creature that climbed everyone’s vehicle slowly to blast music in their car. One night someone caught the furry creature, and took him to a lab to do some tests. The furry creature was named Tom and had a really bad history of stealing. When the tests were over Tom felt a bit dizzy and weird in some sort a way, until he realized he was stuck in a cage surrounded by bars. Luckily Tom was skinny enough to slim down through the metal bars and escape. Tom had learned his lesson.


I thumped on the same street I was on last time and I had a backpack.I slowly got up and looked around until a vehicle playing very loud music pulled up on me and pulled me in. I realized that it was an ice cream truck. A bunch of people looked down at me and said;
“Welcome to the team of gaster busters.”
“Why did you take over this truck?”
I looked out and saw a mob of zombies running towards our truck as we sped away again
“And free ice cream!” 
“Listen, we just have to fall, OK?”

The new dog

Once there was a vehicle and music was playing in it then a dog climbed out of it, it was very furry. When it got out it walked very slowly and the music stopped playing. The dog didn’t have a collar and no owner it looked very thirsty so I got it some water from a close by shop, the dog was very cute. I asked people if they knew whose dog it was and they didn’t know so I took it home for the night. In the morning I would look for the owner again and still if nobody knew I would keep it.


Hello there! No, Let me guess you want a story about furry animals and magic, and Fairies? Well too bad! We are going to play Dragons And Dungeons. No this is not Dungeons and Dragons! Okay you and some friends go on a road trip. You start climbing on your vehicle and off you go! You have a few hours of steady driving...Yes! I am aware that this does not have dungeons OR dragons. Just deal with it! Ok you are listening to music and driving, until you see a … thing. The “thing” slowly walks towards the vehicle. You hear a tap on the glass.

Weird Vehicle

 One day, a girl named Jennnifer was about to go shop. 5 minutes later, Jennifer saw a weird looking vehicle that was playing very loud music. 30  minutes later, the guy that was driving the weird vehicle was following Jennifer. The guy that was driving the weird vehicle was wearing a furry coat. The guy walked slowly to Jennifer’s car and then climbed on top of the car. Jennifer decided to call the police. 20 minutes later, the police came and arrested the guy the was driving the weird-looking vehicle. Now Jennifer can carry on with her shopping day.

A Yeti Tale

There was once a yeti, a soft, furry and cuddly yeti, though mischievous. He lived on Mount Everest. Everyday he climbed slowly to the summit, skimming the bottom for risky climbers. After his search was finished, he climbed into his Lamborghini, and sped down the mountain. After reaching a nearby point, he would sneak up and play the softest music. This would confuse the climber, and hypnotize them. Later they would start rolling downhill, causing others to roll down too, and end up in the hospital, thinking that Mount Everest is creepy. Now the yeti lives in peace on Everest.

Monday, January 13, 2020

The Celebrity

A famous celebrity went shopping on her own and wore a furry coat and hat to hide her identity. She climbed into her vehicle, a Lamborghini. She sang to the music on the radio and slowly opened the door to get into the shop. But as she was bending down to get a bottle of milk, her coat got caught on the handle of the door! Everyone came running to her and asked for a picture or an autograph. She managed to run away back into her car and drove off as fast as she could without being caught by the police.

chuck e cheeses reuse their pizza

Tonald Drump was riding around his big wall in a Toyota 52453785 when he saw a vehicle full of Mexicans. He tried calling Dora and Diego to get their people out of here but they couldn’t hear him because they were listening to explicit music. Drump was fed up with the Mexicans so he grabbed his AK and slowly shot as the Mexicans climbed up his big wall but his aim was really bad and he missed all of his shots. Then a furry Chuck e Cheese came up behind Drump with his leftover cheese pizzas and ate him alive.

Friday, January 10, 2020


One day there was a bird that could talk it liked to go to shops and by stuff. One day it got lost while going to the shop it was flying really quick so it when down and asked someone “which way to the shops” it panted the man said “over there oh wait it's not ummmm oh its there” “ok it said. Later it  went back to the owner then his owner said “where did you go” it said i got lost” then he said “ok”. The end

The flue

There was a man named Fred who liked to flex his muscles. So one day a guy asked while he was running. "Witch way to the shop?" he panted. "The shop is that way" said Fred while he flexed his muscles while pointing. "Thanks....? " Fred me name is Fred." "Thanks i guess...." "No problem man." The next day he woke up and couldn't flex his muscles "Fred felt terrible he couldn't move or do anything so he went to the doctor. "Doc whats wrong with me!." "Sir it looks like you have.....the flue." Dun dun DUN "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

The Long Gone Dog

Once, there was a family, and a dog who were going on a vacation to Florida. They put the dog into a dog cage, and then they locked it up, and put it inside the airplane. When the plane was about to take off, the dog escaped from the plane and ran away fast before it blows him away. The whole family saw their dog run away, but they couldn’t stop the plane. The dog got into a mall which was big. Then, the dog thought “which way to the shops” it panted. There were security guards after him. He ran away into a shop.


Once upon a time, my mommy was making tater tots while I was playing video games. Suddenly the house caught on fire! I rushed downstairs to see a demon cooking my tater tots. I tasted them but they were overcooked! “Which way to the shops” it panted. I showed him the address and all of a sudden we teleported there. He had a bag of money and he went to buy me more tater tots. When we got back home, the stove quickly lit on fire. I tasted them and they were delicious. Also, my mom was back to normal.

The Shop

One day Jeff was really bored and asked his mom if he could go to the mall with his friends. Jeff’s mom told him he could go. Jeff knew he had lied to his mom because he had no friends, but Jeff had an imaginary brother to talk to and had one hundred dollars do spend. So Jeff decided to go to a shop. Which way to the shops he panted. Jeff was struggling to find a shop so he asked a security guard where a shop was and the security guard took him to sport check. Then Jeff found his mother shopping in sports check and his mother told Jeff she knew him well.

the fish man part 1 of 2

One day there were two good spies, one was a man and one was a fish in a fish tank. The man's name was bob, bob would carry the fish named Larry, so Larry could help him find clues. So one day the chief gave them a mission, it was a BOMB!!! In the shops so they ran very fast and asked a man a question, which way to the shops? It panted, the man said go and turn right.Then they got there, they had to cut one wire so the bomb won't explode but they cut the wrong wire.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Undertale 3

Than a game like environment spawned in front of me with a blue button in the corner with a little
trophy on it. I clicked it and a screen flashed out of it. It said: “CURRENT OBJECTIVE;go find
shops”I quickly ran to a person and I realized that it wasn’t human. “Which way to the shops?” it
panted. I was surprised until my own arm turned into a pincer. I ran in the place I was in trying to find
the shops and before I knew it, the shops spawned right in front of me. Then I fell.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Case of water

Once there was a kid named Bob, and he had a talking dog. They were going to the shops to get some water. Bob said “ which way to the shops”? Right, it panted, “ who said that” “it was me the talking dog” said dog. So right they went and in less than a minute they were buying a case of water to bring home. Next, on their way home they saw a homeless man and they gave him a bottle of water. Then some other dude said “I will give you $50 for one bottle.” Then Bob said “ok” and Bob walked off $50 richer.     

The Dog

When I woke up, I remembered that today was Saturday, so I ran out of my house and went to the arcade. Just as I was about to get there I saw a dog running down the street, it stopped right in front of me, all of a sudden I heard a noise. “Which way to the shops”? It panted. I looked down and saw the dog. I was so confused. Who talked to me? It couldn't have been the dog. I heard it again! I turned around and saw my neighbor asking me which way the shops were. “Its that way”. Said the dog.

the paintbrush

The cart was a cat that liked painting and art and one day he found out art was sometimes made out of words so he started painting words. Then 3 months later he was rich and in a mansion he wanted to buy a new paintbrush but he is lucky he didn’t because his paintbrush started painting itself. It painted “which way to the shops,’’ it painted the words lucky me and even the word “poo,” and those were the most famous ones of all time. In the end the cart became the paintbrushes best friend and best paintbrush too.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Unusual Dog

One day, a young girl Lily, wanted to go to the pet shop with her older sister Petunia. Petunia already had a dog named Jeremy. No one realized but Jeremy had a star mark on his right leg. Jeremy had magical powers! He could speak english even though he was a dog! After a long run, they all arrived at a big intersection. Everyone was very tired from running. Jeremy spoke. “Which way to the shops?” it panted. Lily and Petunia were both very shocked that Jeremy spoke english! After that, everyone was silent on the way to the shops.

The new man in town

 Once there was a girl named Mary and has been living in new york for 10 years. One day, Mary was crossing the streets. 5 minutes later, a running man with a dog came up to Mary at asked “ which way to the shop “ it panted. The dog pants a lot and Mary to said to the left. Mary asked,” can come to the shops with you?”. The man said yes and Mary was buying food and the man was buying decor for his house. The man asked Mary to be his roommate and Mary said yes. Mary is now happy with his new roommate.  


One day a person named Bob was shopping then he came across a dog the size of a hamster “which way to the shops” it panted “you’re at a shop” Bob said back “thankyou” it said then it left bob went back home so he wouldn’t see that creature .Then he told his dad the story his dad said it was a dream.The next day he went shopping with his dad to prove that it wasn’t a dream then when they arrived the small dog like creature appeared then Bobs dad got back in the car and drove away.

Parry Hotter's 8th year at Hogwarts

Parry Hotter is going back to the school of Hogwarts, of Witchcraft and Wizardry, though he forgot everything, includng how to get back into Diagon Alley. He sees a muggle and asks "Which way to the shops?" Harry panted, "The wizard ones." The muggle looks as if it was the end of the world. "It's him!" she hautily shouts, "It's really the Boy Who Lived! He doesn't even know his way around his magical life." Everyone in London was really mean, and depressing. Harry wishes he hadn't said that. "Oh right!' he thinks "I can use the time-turner and get back to Hogwarts and not fail my O.W.L.'s!... Now how do I use this???"


It all started when I was approaching my yoga class and out of nowhere a man dressed in black came up to me and said, “Which way to the shops” it panted. Umm I don't know use google maps or something, do I look like a gps to you? At that moment he stole my  precious yoga mat, so I decided to whack him with my thirty-four thousand dollar gucci bag to knock him out. After that he was finally knocked out so, I called the police to take this criminal to jail, and that's how I saved the day.

flack briday

“Blurrrlughrlurghghrlgurghrlkrgurhggrhlr” Oh no! My car wasn’t starting! I had to get to the mall on Flack Briday! The Nokia 6969 was 21% off! I decided to run to the mall with my pepper spray. On the way I met a hobo. “Which way to the shops?” it panted. I pepper sprayed him. I was finally at the Augustus Gloop store scanning for the Nokia 6969 but there were too many people! I pepper sprayed the people in my way until I found the Nokia 6969. After I bought the Nokia 6969 I called Jacked Paul and smacked his bun buns.

Monday, January 6, 2020

The Shops

One day, a family of three had run out of food. The parents told the child of the family to go to there Shops and handed him a twenty dollar bill. The child went to the Shops but took a wrong turn and got lost. The child started to worry and panic. Then, he saw a man walking with groceries in his hand. The child ran towards him and tapped him on the shoulder. “Which way to the Shops”, it panted. The man pointed to a direction and the child thanked him. The child bought the food and went home.