Monday, December 2, 2019

Lumpy the future airplane

Once Lumpy the Heffalump decided to become an airplane. He was so passionate about his goal, that he used every spare second to give it another shot. He would flap his enormous ears, but always land on his head. One day Lumpy decided to ask his mommy about what to do, but the answer was always the same, "Oh Lumpy! Your imagination is so wild!" but that wouldn't stop him. He decided that with his weight he would go nowhere, and stopped eating until you could see an outline of his bones. "If this doesn't work than I'm not sure what will." Lumpy gave it all in his last attempt. He jumped and then before he knew it, he was flying! "Hey! I didn't realise they could fly!" I said.


  1. Great grammar and punctuation! Funny idea! I hope Lumpy can eat again soon! It's no fun flying on an empty stomach.

    Mr.Brass' class from St. Albert, Alberta