Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The other way around 2

As 3-c0l1 was being abducted, he heard voices from above, “We got one! I repeat, We got one!”. 3-c0l1 was pulled into a gigantic room with two humans. One was wearing a black shirt and the other was wearing orange. The orange one spoke first. “So you are an alien?”. 3-c0l1 replied with “Beep Beep Boop.”. The black one turned to the orange one. “Do you know what he just said?”. His friend replied with “Yup. He just said that your are stupid.”. That was not what 3-c0l1 just said. “Take him to testing!”. “BEEP”. 3-c0l1 just said that humans are stupid. Off to another room.


  1. Well Ryan this was a really interesting read, and I notice that you have received a comment about the main character = great response!
    One thing which may be good for you to try and do in the future when you use dialogue in your writing, is to remember to put each person's speech on a new line. This way it is a bit better organised for the reader.
    Thanks for a fun read!
    Ms M #100WC