Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Circus

One day, I went outside for a walk outside and noticed a small passageway leading somewhere. My mom said to come back before sundown but the sun was still shining and I was very curious what was behind the trees so I went. After a few minutes of walking, I saw a small village full of houses. I peered in a circus or something and saw a happy elephant who painted a PURPLE VIOLIN?!? The show continued but when it finished, I might had cheered too loudly and everyone glared at me. I sprinted back home and never went there ever again.


  1. Hi Ivy, What an interesting story! I like the verbs peered, continued, glared and sprinted. Try not to use the same word twice in your sentences. Keep up the good work.
    Mrs O' Sullivan.

  2. but its a good story. _/(0w0)\_