Tuesday, November 12, 2019


It was Austin’s first time watching Frozen with his parents. He was really excited and wanted to hug Olaf really badly. He thought that Olaf was super squishy like a marshmallow. Austin also thought that Elsa was really bad because she was an ice princess and he hated ice. At the start of the movie, Austin almost wet himself because he was sooooo excited! Now Austin was in the middle of watching Frozen when all of a sudden… The whole screen turned RED! Now Austin was petrified and ran out of the movie theatre leaving a wet trail behind him.


  1. my first time watching frozen i ran out the theatre too

  2. Hi Timothy
    What a wonderful 100WC! You have described the situation so clearly. I wonder what made the screen turn red? Poor Austin to be so excited, but then be so petrified! Well done.

    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand