Wednesday, October 2, 2019

World Record!!!!

Jake works at NASA. He hasn’t been on a mission yet, but he was still happy. When his manager told him he’d be going on his first mission, he was overjoyed! Jake spent the whole week packing and saying goodbyes, that he didn’t see the text his manager sent about the spacecraft not working well. When the day came, His manager gave him a warning, But Jake did not really care. Jake boarded the spacecraft, But when it just wouldn’t take off, Jake knew something was wrong. The spacecraft exploded and Jake won the world record for the worst space mission in the world.


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  2. your story was hilarious. next time try to put in more details.

  3. Dear Ryan,
    Good job on your 100wc post. I really liked the ending. It was very creative how you made the spacecraft explode. Make sure to come check out my post!

  4. Dear Ryan,
    It was funny how Jake won the award for worst space mission in the world. Did Jake die? My blog is kind of like yours come check it out at