Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Crazy Day

One day Air Canada  flight 1549 was taxiing to runway R5, when it just wouldn’t take off, the humans knew something was wrong. And when the plane finally took off, it started banking to the right,Captain Ryan lost control and crashed into mount Ryan. Luckily, mount Ryan had super trees and everyone survived and they were rescued by a guy named Ryan. The next day Ryan was a hero, he had plans to see the queen. “Ryan!” his mom called “ it’s dinner time.” Ryan was holding an airplane model in one hand and a toy mountain in the other.


  1. i am confused by "Ryan". is the first Ryan the Ryan that rescued everyone?

  2. I loved the pacing and the twist at the end of your story! Being pulled from the dream into reality was so fluid and realistic. Next time maybe try to vary the character names so it is easier for the reader to differentiate between each one. But what a great job!

    Keep writing!
    Caitlin (Team 100WC)