Friday, October 25, 2019

Minecraft Prank

Allison and her brother Nathan were playing minecraft together. Nathan was fighting mobs, and making an auto farm. Allison was in a huge cave mining. She was looking for diamonds. They spent a whole week making all this progress! After an hour, Nathan had finished the auto farm, and downloaded an app to make people see fake diamonds. He wanted to prank his sister! Nathan turned on the app, and Allison saw diamonds in front of her! “ I found diamonds, but where did they go?” she shouted. “ I mined them but i don’t have them! Nathan then told Allison that it was a prank.

1 comment:

  1. Gloria,
    Great story! I have a brother and sister and I love a good prank. As I read this I was chuckling to myself. I love that you created this vision in my imagination. Keep writing and making people laugh!
    McBreezy #team100wc Los Angeles