Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Brown Balloon

4 year old James came home with a brown balloon that he got from the fair. He was very excited. The next day he went to school with his brown balloon and saw a bunch of older kids. James showed them his brown balloon but, to his surprise they kicked it away. James never thought that anything was frightening, until now. James chased after the balloon hoping that it wouldn't pop. James jumped up and caught the brown balloon. He neve brought it to school again. James loved his precious brown balloon, and he never trusted anyone with it again.

Patrick Star

One day Patrick Star was going to catch jellyfish with his friend Spongebob. When Patrick Star was on the way to Spongebob’s house, he saw a brown balloon. Since Patrick Star lived under a rock, he had never seen a balloon before! He wanted to kick the balloon away. When he kicked it, the balloon popped! Patrick Star thought that balloons were frightening, so he ran back under his rock and waited until he didn’t see the balloon anymore. A minute later, Patrick Star didn’t see the ballon anymore, and went to Spongebob’s house. Spongebob and Patrick both walked to the jellyfish field together.

The Kid Soccer Ball

Once there was a kid named Messi he liked soccer and he was going to dress up as a soccer ball for halloween. The next day it was halloween and he was dressed up as a soccer ball the custom was so good, I thought it was a real soccer ball so I kicked it into a brown box with a balloon and never opened it it must of been very frightening for Messi. He screamed for help all night but everyone thought it was a prank because it was on Halloween and the next day is mom found him and he was in big trouble.

Monday, October 28, 2019

The Frightening Brown Balloon


 Once there was a boy named Ty. He is 4 years old. One day he was walking outside with his grandma. His Grandma made a bad choice by leaving by himself. Ty went to a weird place that none knows about. Suddenly a frightening brown balloon comes with 3 nails poking out of it. Ty started crying because he got poked and plus he had kicked the balloon away. The balloon was never seen again. 10 days later, the grandam got arrested for leaving the child on the streets. Finally, Ty returns back home, now he is safe and sound.  

The Balloon Pee

This is not “The Balloon Tree”. In “The Balloon Tree”, The balloons never kicked random people on the street. This story is called “The Balloon Pee”. Once upon a time, the balloon king got mad that he was not colourful. Instead, he was brown. The king asked the royal balloons of the court how he could change colour. The balloons said that the only way to change colour, was to get a human to pee on him. Seconds later, people saw the frightening balloon, screaming “PEE ON ME!!!”, while kicking people. Later, he got popped and found out it was all a joke.

The Red Balloon

It was Halloween when me and my bestie were getting ready for trick or treating. As we were walking to the car we heard weird noises like “ooooo” and “aaaah”. We knocked on the door and an old lady answered and gave us a brown chocolate with a red balloon attached. Since me and my bestie  wanted a little break we decided to play balloon soccer. I started the game and then all of sudden on my first kick the balloon popped. “I kicked really hard didn't I?” I said to myself. That’s why till this day we never play balloon soccer anymore.


My name is Pinnie Wooh. I like to eat brown balloons. I like to shout my name. “Pinnie Wooh, Pinnie Wooh, where are you?” I like to play hide and seek. “Where are you Pinnie Wooh?” “I am here!” I kicked myself. “That was frightening Pinnie Wooh!” “Never kick me again!” “Ok.” I saw a brown balloon. “Ahm nahm ahm nahm ahm nahm.” I ate it. My tummy was full. “Bleugrhhhhghhhhhhghhh!” I barfed. I felt sick. I went swimming in the lake. “Cough cough!” I felt more sick. I had a high fever. “Hughhhhhhh!” I died from a heart attack.

The Zoo

Today was a very special day because we were going to the zoo for the first time! Once when we arrived, we bought our tickets and went through the gate. We saw the endangered brown polar bears, elephants and many more other weird creatures! It was a little frightening to see the sharp claws of the polar bear but overall I liked it the best because I never saw one before. I saw a blue balloon on the floor and I decided to kick it. It was really fun to kick it so I took it home to play with it.

Donald Trump

There was once a boy named Donald Trump who never smiled. He's always sad. No matter who tried to cheer him up failed and the only thing Donald would say it's very frightening please stop saying that. Then one day Donald Trump got elected for run for American president he was slighly happy because Hilary Clinton lost by 1 vote and to congratulate him a little girl named Emily gave a dark brown balloon that said congratulations. But instead of treasuring it Donald kicked it very very very high into the sky and is now know as worst president.

Friday, October 25, 2019


EEEEK screamed a women, 1 suddenly later many people came running towards her. A man said that's 1 down sudley a shadow woosh behind a man. The man screamed then a women leeped towards the shadow and said i got you now. The woman fell to the ground and shouted “but when did it go,''another man said  “over there” boom the vampire fell to the ground. Poof the vampire turned into dust yes we did it, as every one high five each other someone shouted OH DANG.

the disappearing diamond

Once upon a time, a girl named Joy lived in a mansion. Her father was a miner, and that’s why her family
could afford a mansion. One day, Joy went out mining with her father. She dug and dug and dug, but
just wouldn’t find any treasure. Her father said, “ you can't just sit there, you need to dig more to find
greater treasure.” just then her father found a diamond! Joy held it up and brought it home with glee. But
right after she brought it home, it disappeared! “But where did it go?”, she shouted. To be

Minecraft Prank

Allison and her brother Nathan were playing minecraft together. Nathan was fighting mobs, and making an auto farm. Allison was in a huge cave mining. She was looking for diamonds. They spent a whole week making all this progress! After an hour, Nathan had finished the auto farm, and downloaded an app to make people see fake diamonds. He wanted to prank his sister! Nathan turned on the app, and Allison saw diamonds in front of her! “ I found diamonds, but where did they go?” she shouted. “ I mined them but i don’t have them! Nathan then told Allison that it was a prank.

The NFL's heaviest part 2

One week later after my first week of NFL training I met Trent Williams again. This time Trent was with his girlfriend. Trent told me to go to the wide receiver half because I was fast and had long arms I lined up against earl Thomas and caught the ball against him once on a slant route. I also saw Trent blocking Mark Ingram the ravens running back who ran very fast for his bulky size. Then Trent asked for my name and I said Mark. Then Trent's girlfriend played a one on one on me and lost her phone but where did it go she shouted.


Recently I found a slug in my garbage. he was about an inch. I fed him some candy so he wouldn't be hungry. The next morning I checked on him. Suddenly he was two inches. Didn't know what to do. I fed him some more to see what would happen. But when I came back he was gone. I called my friend Dany to come. When I told her everything she was scared. But where did it go she shouted. Then we heard a noise. We saw him eating my cat! We both immediately screamed and ran away to escape...

the lollipop

One day there was a girl named Emma and she loved lollipops. So one day Emma was sucking on a lollipop, then suddenly it disappeared, “my lollipop disappeared,” “but where did it go” she shouted then the lollipop. But then it reappeared. Emma was overwhelmed so she started sucking on the lollipop, but the next day came, Emma woke up to find she was a monster, a big ugly monster.Turns out that lollipop teleported into a nuclear factory and right into the reactor. Emma went to her mom, she screamed, She thought to herself “What am I gonna do about school”

The Invasion Part 4

The meteorite crashed to earth, it sent clouds of dust everywhere. Coverying cities, getting in people's eyes, and rising the temperature. People were calling it The Great Extinction. After the dust settled N.A.S.A sent a team to collect the meteorite, but when they lifted the meteorite the alien ship it crashed on was nowhere to be seen. “But where did it go?” The head of N.A.S.A. said, “What did you say?” said one of the workers, “BUT WHERE DID IT GO?” she shouted. Meanwhile in space BOOM the astronauts were gone. To Be Continued...

the missing girl part 1

t was 1975 and a girl was missing. The mom couldn't stand it "But where did she go!." I want my baby NOW!!." "Ma'am you need to calm down are team will find..." "Emily is her name." "We will find Emily i promise." O-ok" Karen stared crying and cried and cried..... "she isn't coming back is she." " I'm afraid not." "No i must keep looking even if it takes me 100 years." She heard a cry in  the distance. "Wait EMILY?!" she saw her house and by a blink of an eye. "But where did it go!" she shouted.

Tim tims rocket

Once there was a girl named Tim tim and she was making a science project. Her science project had a pump and she was trying to launch it into space the day of the science competition was tomorrow. Tomorrow came quicker than she knew it, her best competition is Pj and Bob they also are using a pump and a rocket. Pj and Bob went first but they weren't smart and angled it at a 30 degree angle and it only went 8 m Tim tim put it at a 45 degree angle and pumped it and it went flying but where did it go she shouted.       


There is a girl with her family in the forest camping.They packed a tent,food and an ipad. She had a mom,dad and sister.Then when they set up camp then the girl wanted her ipad. Her dad rummaged through the bag.Her mom said “it must be around here somewhere”But where did it go“she screamed. Her father desperately looked for the ipad but he could not find it. Then the girls sister laughed and laughed “what’s so funny?”the girl said her sister explained that they took a book about ipads instead of an ipad.

The Souvenir!!!!!!

Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse went to Disneyland, Minnie Mouse bought two souvenirs for Mickey and her. They went on a lot of roller coasters and played a lot of games in the arcade they got ten million tickets in total so they got every toy in the arcade. So they were so tired they went back home and when they got back Minnie lost the two Souvenirs "but where did it go" said minnie. So they went back to disneyland to find it but they never found it. So they went home to sleep because they were so tired.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

sabotage at NASA

NASA started a new project that they think will help grow Spacepotatos on mars. It is
something that launch and make an instant greenhouse and quickly plough the dirt and rid it
of poisonous chemicals. One night before it should launch, a bunch of aliens escaped from
area 51 and ran off with the projects. When everybody returned to work the next day, Mark
Rober found the case that held the project empty. When a female worker ran in hearing the
news, “But where did it go?” she shouted. Meanwhile on mars,the aliens are happily eating
greenhouse grown Spacepotatoes.

The lost TV

Once, there was a girl named Lucy who was at her house sleeping in her bed. She woke up, and then she wanted to go get something to eat. ‘’Are there any snacks in here” she said? When she was about to go back upstairs, somebody knocked on the door. She went to the door and asked “Who is it?’’ Nobody said anything. She went upstairs to sleep. When she came back to go to the TV, it was GONE!! “But where did it go?’’ She was very sad. She instead went back to her bed to sleep in her bedroom.


Joseph liked playing Minecraft with his friend Emma. One day Joseph and Emma were making a house. It was going well with a few minor accidents (including minor explosions.) The only thing left to do is make an anvil. So they went mining and ran in to a few mobs and Near death experiences, They finally found enough Iron to make an anvil. Joseph crafted it and they went back to the house. “Place it.” Emma said. “I don’t have it.” countered Joseph. “But where did it go?!” She shouted. Seconds later the anvil appeared over Emma's head and crushed her.

Friday the Thirteen!

It was Friday the thirteenth when Izzy was playing outside with her brother Peter. As she was going to the garage to get a ball she heard weird noises. They started playing catch when the ball went under there porsche. Izzy went to grab the ball she didn’t see it. “But where did it go” she shouted. Izzy was shocked so she decided to take herself and Peter inside. While eating dinner, she talked about her day and her parents thought she was crazy and started laughing. Turns out her parents just wanted to prank her because it was Friday the thirteenth.

The Lost Ball

My friend and I were playing catch with my ball. I accidentally tripped and the ball went rolling down a hill. When I got up, I noticed my ball was gone! I frantically looked for my ball until I saw it roll down a ditch. We quickly ran down the hill, trying our best not to trip. We separated in different directions to find my ball. “You saw it roll down here, but where did it go?” she shouted. After a while, we gave up and went back up the hill silently and I never saw my ball ever again.

Melissa's Dream

Melissa dreaded this day all of her life, going into grade 12. Every night before bed she died to know if she was going to have any friends, if her teachers were going to be nice and especially lunches. She took a deep breath stepping into her classroom, but stumbled onto the floor. Her classmates laughed and snickered but, nothing would hurt Melissa. She turned around to go to her desk but her backpack wasn’t there. “BUT WHERE DID IT GO?” Melissa shouted. “You mean this?” one her classmates named Nicole. Melissa woke up with, panting thinking that wouldn’t happen.

Lost Phone

Once there was a girl named Chloe, she is very clumsy. One day she was walking down the streets. She was taking pictures with her friends and she was two phones and took a picture with two phones. She left one of her phones on a bench. 1 hour later, a homeless name took Chloe’s phone.” but where did it go” she shouted. She went on an app where she can find her phone. She found her phone in the trash. Now she has her phone back.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Tustin Jrudeau

We hate Tustin Jrudeau. He legalized mariguanaand isgay. One day Tustin Jrudeau went to steal ballots from people who were voting for Sndrew Acheer. “But where did it go?!” she shouted. A woman was arguing with him. “Now now, we can give you a new ballot and $100 if you vote for ME!” clamored Tustin Jrudeau. “SURE!” she whooped. Now you know that Tustin Jrudeau bribes people with money to vote for him. He also likes to smoke weed. That is why he legalized it. He likes to get high. And that is why you shouldn’t vote for the Liberals.

Friday, October 18, 2019


One day there was a scientist who built a portal gun to the diamond dimension he shot it at the ceiling but he hit a cloud instead and diamonds started raining down. Then the scientist tried to  catch the biggest diamond but it was heavier than he expected but then suddenly the scientist turns into diamond. Then when it hit the ground it turned into diamond then everybody became diamond and then a mouse survivor ran up to the scientist and freed him then the scientist ran to destroy the diamond with his hammer and freed everybody from the diamond.

gym day

One day I was very very bored and I wanted something to do. So I went online and looked for something fun to do. Today I had a play date and we went to the gym. When we got there we had to get the membership. When we got it we went to the weights. First I used the 1 pound weight then the 10 pound weight and it was heavier than I expected. After that we went to an ice cream store. I got a vanilla milkshake.when i got home i had a two hour nap it felt good.

the weird dream

"So you may be wondering why i'm in a hospital bed well i'm going to tell you all about it." "One day I was going to the gym and i wanted to lift weights so i grabbed the 30 pounds and it was heavier than i expected." "So i dropped it on my foot and broke it."So now i'm here in the hospital with a cast on my foot..." "Uhmmmmm Sarah wake up!." "then I- huh my cast where what how!?." "You where sleep talking so i woke you up." "No I was in the hospital." "Come downstairs to eat and hurry"

The Box

“My mom had this box, she kept it a secret, it was a very big secret. She never talks about it except when I go up into the attic where she keeps it. I always hear her telling me not to touch it, and that makes me really want to touch it! So today I went up to the attic to get an old camera, of course the mysterious box was right beside the camera. I couldn't resist it, I had to touch it. I tried to lift it up but it was heavier than I expected. So I left it.”

Thursday, October 17, 2019

The invasion part 3

The aliens had invaded earth and were attacking people. The military was defeated and the earth scorching. Everyone was hiding in bunkers, their basements or in the rubble. Meanwhile in space...The space shuttle was floating around and the astronauts food supply was starting to drop. They were starting to ration food. The captain who was stacking boxes of food Said “that last box, it was heavier than I expected!” Meanwhile on earth....The aliens had conquered earth The remaining humans were hiding or running. But then...A giant meteorite crashed to earth, destroying an alien ship…..To Be Continued.

the rock

Once upon a time there was a giant, he was so strong that he can lift mountains. One day a little man came to him and said ‘hey I'm stronger than you’ the giant looked down and said “oh yeah, then can you lift up this mountain. The man said “well... no” but can you lift this rock. The giant said “of course I can,” the man said then lift it up” the giant tried to pick it up but he can’t and he said “it was heavier than I expected. “A HA” the man said and he pick up the rock and threw it at the giant’s head. The end


Two kids named Timothy and Nathan were walking on a road and then, they saw a beach so Timothy said” let’s go to the beach” then Nathan said “ sure “ So they went to the beach and then they played a lot of games. Then , they were so tired so they went home and slept but one thing is that they were both sleepwalkers so when they were sleepwalking they went to the gym, inside the gym they could carry anything except for the rock so when they tried to carry the rock then Timothy woke up and couldn’t hold it!!!!!!!!

The Demogorgan On Mars

I was raiding mars when i saw another one. Long ago I saw a Demogorgon in space. Now I saw him again, in front of me. He was attacking some sort of storage in the ground. I blasted him and went to the crate. I opened it up and saw a powerbank. I immediately picked it up but it was heavier than I expected. Suddenly it came back and I rushed to my spaceship, but it wouldn't turn on. This felt like deja-vu. I froze when iI saw him breaking my window. Suddenly, defence ships arrived. I quit my job.


Once upon a time, there was an egg in total darkness, inside the great Nothingness.inside
the great Nothingness,the egg cracked and out popped a little tiny human. When he looked
around expecting to see something, he just saw nothing. He was getting cramped in his
living space, so he pushed up as hard until he could stand up. “Woah! Whatever that was, it
was heavier than I expected,”he said. So he kept pushing and pushing and the more he
pushed the taller he grew. He pushed until he couldn’t see the end of the big black sky.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A Wrinkle In Weight

It was a bright and sunny day...BOOOOM !Well not anymore. I went downstairs for a Coffee, where I saw my partner, Wallace waiting for me. “I want to show you something.” He said, and took me to the garage. There, on a table, sat a 5-pound weight. “Put these on.” he said, handing me a pair of gloves. “You want to see if I could lift 5-pounds?”  I asked. “Not exactly.” said Wallace as I lifted the weight. It was heavier than I expected. “Now lift it again.” This time it was extremely light. “This is a Wrinkle in Weight.”

The Soaking Storm

One bright and sunny day, I went outside to walk my dog. When I read the weather forecast, it said that there would be a light shower soon. I knew that my dogs didn’t like getting wet, so I decided to walk faster. When i got to the dog park, I met my friend there. I let my dog play in the park while I talked to my friend. Unexpectedly, it started to pour rain! It was heavier than I expected! I got my dog and ran back home. When I got back home, I changed clothes and gave my dog a warm bath.

the baby

One day a big crowd was crowded in a living room, betting on how much the baby would weigh. “7 pounds yelled a woman,” “six pounds,” yelled a man “5 pounds screamed a woman,” and the loudest of all “100 pounds,” said the man in an ear piercing screech. The room was silent. Then there was a knock on the door and everyone rushed to the door and there it was, a 100 pound baby, the fattest baby of all . Just when everyone thought they were correct ,everyone was thinking “it was heavier than I expected.” Everyone except the man.

The Turkey Attacks of 1916

It was heavier than I expected… “Austin! Stop reading that book of yours and join us on the beach!” “OK MOM!” I went down to the beach when all of a sudden… GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE! An army of turkeys came out of the water and started ripping limbs off people's bodies! “AAHHHHHHHHHHH! What the #@%$!” GOBBLE GOBBLE! GOBBLE GOBBLE! I tried to find my parents but the turkeys were blocking my sight. GOBBLE GOBBLE! GOBBLE GOBBLE! There were dead bodies everywhere! I found my parents sprawled on the sand with turkeys nipping at their flesh! This was the worst vacation EVER!

The hit old man

Once me yes Jack did weight lifting and I had a competition I had to lift 300LB. Later today at 3:00 pm I was going to lift 300LB. When it became time I took a big gulp of water and then I began it was heavier than I expected so I lifted it up halfway and then it was too heavy so I threw it and it hit an old man.  It landed on his ankle and broke it he had to go to the hospital to get a cast and when he was there it was thanksgiving so the only food they had was turkey.

The NFL's Heaviest

On October fifteen, two thousand nineteen I went to the Baltimore ravens facility and met Trent Williams the heaviest player in the NFL. Trent told me that if I wanted to get in the NFL I would have to bulk up some weight. I asked Trent if i could do a few drills with him and he said i could. Trent told me he played right guard so he blocked the QB. Trent showed me to stand low on my legs while keeping my arms up and always having an angry face. Then I hit a dummy bag. It was heavier than I expected.

Strong Man

Once there was a man named Paul. He is a strong man. One Day Paul was going to the gym. It takes Paul 15 minutes to the gym. Once he arrived at the gym, he started to lift weights. He first lifted 30 then 35 then 40 for the first time ever. This what Paull said when lifting 40 pounds.” it was heavier than I expected”. Then he fell down but at least he was ok. Now Paul was ok with lifting 40 pounds now. Overall, Paul had a great time at the gym today and a weird time at the gym today.

The Heavy weight lifting

Once, there was a kid named David who was short, but strong. He looked like a muscle-man and he could lift up weights. David wanted to be stronger than everybody else, so he went to a store called “Canadian Tires.” He went there to go pick up weight lifting. He picked up one pounds,two pounds,three pounds, and four pounds. He went home and started lifting weights right away. Everything was very easy for david, so he went back to the store. He bought the 130 pounds. He lifted it up and he said” it was heavier than I expected. OMG

Turkey Day

I woke up with a start, realising today was Thanksgiving day! I already planned out what I was going to do the day before, to go hunting for a wild turkey. I went out the back door leading into the wilderness and started meandering aimlessly through the woods with only a large net. After jumping over fallen trees, I finally saw what I was looking for. I threw my net onto the turkey and caught it! It was heavier than I expected and so, I carried it with both my hands and brought it home to eat for Thanksgiving day.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Fall!

It was the year 1999 when my life changed within one second, here’s my story. It was 3:00 am in the morning when me and my two best friends decided to jump off a cliff. I personally thought they were joking but as soon as we headed out the door I started to get worried. A few minutes later, we reached the tip of the cliff. And then it happened when both of  best friends that I’ve known forever grabbed both of my hands and jumped. As soon as I could open my eyes I realized I was in the hospital. That fall was heavier than I expected!

Friday, October 11, 2019

The wish

One day there was a man he may seem tall but he is actually the shortest. A long time ago there were giants on the earth. There was one giant that was different he was tiny compared to them. He was so small that the babies were bigger than him He felt lonely. All of the giants made fun of him for being so short. He couldn't take it anymore so he closed his eyes and looked to the sky and said. “Please make me tall”  when he opened his eyes there were no more giants but small people. He felt happy and became the tallest man on earth

The Other Way Around

3-C0l1 is an alien. He knows that he is supposed to abduct the humans, but this was the other way around. Of course 3-C0l1 knew about the raid on Area fifty one, And he spent all of his time on researching on how fast Naruto runners can run, And if furries are dangerous, so when the day came, he was ready. On September 20th the government was doing a good job keeping them hidden, until 3-C0l1 saw a flying thing with spinning blades. It was a U.F.O.! The U.F.O dropped a cage on 3-C0l1 and 3-C0l1 was never seen again.

I like the moon

There was a kid named Timothy one day he thought what was on the moon? Then, he would ask people that question and all of them did not know what the answer was. So every night he would look at the sky and then find the moon and then he would look at it for a very long time, then he would go back to sleep. After that day past in the morning when he was watching T.V, he saw a man on the moon jumping in circles. Then his dream was to go on the moon one day

A Very Tall man

Once there was a man named Alex who grew 100 feet tall over the years. Alex lives in Saint Louis in kindergarten he was 6 feet towering 3 feet kids so he got kicked out of school because it wasn’t fair that Alex was taller than all the kids in school. 25 years later he was 100 feet tall. In the forest and Alex was walking around and it was peaceful. 20 minutes later he bumped into a 200-foot rock and died because he fell down to the ground and broke all of his bones. after he died, people decided to build a statue of him in memory of him.

The Mysterious Statue

One day, Ryan was walking and trying to find a winning lottery ticket on the ground. He was also looking for a gold bar. Unexpectedly, his metal detector brought him to a huge statue. The statue was shining in the light, and it was the biggest statue Ryan had ever seen! Ryan wanted to take a picture with it so he walked closer to it. When he got close to it, the statue started to move! Ryan thought that he was dreaming, but when he looked at the statue again, it started to move! Ryan called the police and they came to help Ryan.

The Tallest of The Tallest

Long ago, Chicken Mcbrian was born. He was ten foot nine, and he was eleven years old! He was an amazing basketball player. He could even dunk on coach. Instead of everyone cheering him on they laughed at him. They called him a Sasquatch and a giraffe He was humiliated and locked himself in his room. He didn’t go to school for a week until a letter came in the mail for him to join the raptors. For tryouts he dunked on the whole team. He was never humiliated  again in his life and was known around the whole world.


There was a tall dude named bob he was walking across the street then he heard a warbling sound he looked right,left and when he looked up he saw a UFO. He noticed he was being sucked up into the UFO!Then he saw aliens they said he was there  test subject he broke out of the glass chamber and quickly ran out but he was on a different planet he stole an empty UFO to run back home then when he got home everybody saw him come out of the UFO and thought he was an alien

Frozone and the incredibiles VS aliens and syndrome

Frozone and the incredibles are going to fight the aliens and syndrome Mr incredibles arch nemesis. Dash used his super speed to get around the aliens and to keep on punching the aliens. Violet used her invisibleness to make sure the aliens can't see her and then she would attack. Frozone, Mr incredible and elastigirl all went for syndrome. Frozone freezed up syndrome elastigirl choked him with her long arms and Mr incredible topped it off with a big punch to syndromes face. Then, all that was left was the aliens and the incredibles and Frozone beat  them up good.  


flat headly

As you all know the story of flat Stanley, well the same thing happened to George except he was looking up and not asleep. Anyways, George was looking up and a slab of ice was falling on his head and the next thing he was in a hospital looking at the back of the hospital bed. His doctor said he had flattened everything in his head. And that was when he got the name Flat Headly. On the first few days George found it difficult to live with his head up, but you got used to it.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Invasion Part 2

The space shuttle was speeding up to the atmosphere when BOOM, The shuttle started to rattle. Then the radio turned on and, “ This is base  we have lost location of your rocket skzkskzk.” The shuttle had 20 astronauts and they were all panicking. Meanwhile mission control was having problems too. “ Sir, we lost contact with the shuttle. I think it is time to give up.” “ No! I will never stop looking for them.” Later on a statue was built in his honor. But then one day a meteor crashed on the statue and from its remains rised… be continued.

NBA's Tallest Man

Once, there was a guy named Bob Frendle. He played basketball. He was 8.9 ft and 100 LB. He played for the Toronto raptors. Bob was very tall, but slow and skinny. He was the best at dunking in the NBA, and he could really shoot. Bob had a game tomorrow against the houston rockets. They had the second tallest guy in the NBA  James Harden. He was fast and good at dunking, but he wasn’t smart. When the tip off came time it was Bob, and James Harden. Bob was a cm taller but james could jump higher james won because of his jump.

the sky

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a mountain giant. He had human neighbors,
but that didn’t go very well. He lived in a rocky cave the coulor of his skin, and he took very
few trips outside to get food. He was very lonely and sad. But one day, he went outside and
looked up at the brilliant blue sky. He never noticed how big it was, and it only seemed like a
curtain waiting to be pulled back and revealing the secrets behind it. He told his brilliant idea
to the humans, and he got help.


Jonathan Hansinburger looked up at the bright morning sun, took a deep breath, and then exhaled. “Ah I love the smell of the morning.” Jonathan was a very tall man with really big feet. Some people call him a giant, They also called him Bigfoot. The citizens of St.Louis didn’t like him stomping around and scaring their children, so they came up with a plan to get rid of Jonathan. The next morning Jonathan looked up at the bright sun, but this time he saw a strange thing coming down from the sky. It was Medusa! Jonathan turned into stone.

Dame Tu Cosita

There was a really tall statue looking up in a park in Mexico. He was nicknamed The Hamburger. One day, a little boy named Austin came to the park with his boombox. Then he played his own song called Dame Tu Cosita at max volume. Dame tu cosita uh uh, dame tu cosita uh uh. The tall statue then suddenly started to dance to Austin’s song. Dame tu cosita uh uh. All of a sudden other people  started dancing to Austin’s song as well. Dame tu cosita uh uh. All of them danced to Austin’s song until they fell asleep.

Alien invation

Alien invasion
Vroom! Bob sees a UFO flying high in the air! Bob is a tall and weird dude who has a
tall neck and a flat head. He stares at the UFO until it lands. “Hello there humans. We
are here to EAT you.” , says the aliens, but Bob just stands there, doing nothing.
Chomp! Bob got bitten until he was nothing. The citizens ran crazily around the world,
but it was no use. Everyone got bitten until they were nothing, too. Then the aliens
lived happily after. “Charlie! Come down for dinner!”, Charlie’s mom yelled. “Coming!”
, Charlie responded while playing.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

World War lll

Once, there was an alien which was invading the world. He had a group of aliens on his side to take over the world. While the aliens were taking over the world, an army of soldiers were then fighting for area 51. They were fighting so hard that they were bleeding, injured, and they almost did die too. The leader of the alien army, and the leader of the soldier army were fighting each other, and the leader has killed the alien leader. The alien’s had made a statue for remembering the leader. 

Monday, October 7, 2019

Boddly Trampay

In New Zealand, it was a gorgeous day, when Boddly was a normal human, waddling down the dull sidewalk. He took a deep breath, inhaling the fresh salty air of the waters of Naritzus. This beach was known for its crystalized  turquoise water, snatching one shell from the sand. He ran to the nearest elegant umbrella, throwing his belongings onto a towel, and sprinted towards the ocean. He tripped on something that looked like an antique box, with the words “EAT ME”. Carelessly he swallowed the delicacy,making him a giant. He helplessly looked up, thinking about what he’d done. 

The Tall Tom

Once upon a time there was a man named Tom who was oddly larger than everyone. Not just a few feet, a few metres! When growing up, Tom was always made fun of because he was taller and had bigger feet than everyone. One day Tom decided to go to the middle of nowhere and just look up at the sky. He wished that he was normal like everybody else. The next day Tom met a person just like him and realized that everyone is different in there own way. That’s why in honour of Tom they built a statue of his confidence.

The Evil Witch

There once was an evil witch who made wacky spells and curses. A boy was walking and happened to pass by the witch's house. He thought it was odd and crept inside. He saw the evil witch! The witch quickly cast a spell on the boy. He screamed in terror and ran out the door onto the sidewalk. He leaned on a tree and tried standing up. As he stood up, he noticed he grew taller and skinnier by the second. He knew he would fall soon and looked up at the sky as the world faded before his eyes.

Friday, October 4, 2019

the first air plane

One day a long time ago there were two people with an idea. They were going to be the first people to make an air plane. They had to spend years to make the first air plane. When they finally got the first air plane design they needed to find a very light engine.  They could not find one light enough so they just made one themselves. When they made the first air plane it wouldn't take off. When it just wouldn't take off they thought of giving up but somehow on their last attempt it finally worked. They started to cheer very loudly.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Demogorgan In Space

The command stations were down, and I was slowly drifting away in space. Then I saw it, the Demogorgan, inside space!? It was clawing its way into my spaceship, so i put it on full-blast. I tried to turn it on, but it just wouldn’t take off, and I couldn't move. The demogorgan had ripped apart my spaceship. I tried calling the space team, but they wouldn’t answer. Then, I took out a gravity gun and blasted him. I was free of him and he was never seen again, but I know he will return, and I will fight him.


Steven was trying to eat his breakfast. Meanwhile in another universe Steven is a 20/47 sweaty fortnite gamer, oh yes yes KILL HIM yells while sweaty all over his breakfast. Meanwhile in another universe Steven is a astronot. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yells Steven while sucking all the milk in the air. Meanwhile in another universe Steven is a master engineer. Oh yes my rocket is complete now i must watch it fly. Steven press the button but it wouldn't take off then Steven whacked it with a wrench BOOM it launch in the sky and exploded. Steven look at and said “its beautiful”.

The plane ride

Ten days ago there was a plane crash in Beverly hills California. Then, a forty six year old man came and looked inside the plane and found a boy who had not had a scratch on his face. He took the boy with him to his home and gave him water food and a bed to sleep on. Next, the man decided to take the boy to an air plane to see if he could pilot one. The man paid a lot of money for a test drive with the plane. When it just wouldn't take off the boy was crying….. 

Airplane Failure

“Last flight leaving to Funland.” “Oh no, im going to miss my flight!” This is Howard, he’s a fool. He’s running because he might miss his flight. Howard is late because he was too busy munching on Doritos for breakfast. The doors were slowly closing but Howard dived in just in time. All of the seats were full of young children and their parents except for one seat. Howard sat down with a sigh of relief. The pilot was started talking on the P.A system. “The plane is broken.” When it just wouldn't take off everyone got off the plane. All that running for nothing.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

epic fail

One ordinary day a scientist was buying super duper expensive stuff to build an airplane that goes the speed of light.It took decades to build it when he finished he did a test run and when they tried doing a test run nothing the scientist kicked it but it just  wouldn’t take off but then the engine started thrusters turned on and it rolled the scientist was disappointed then it fell off the cliff but the scientist was too embarrassed then people shook his hand saying you got first place for epic fails and he was ok with that.

The Unlucky Flight

One day Ryan was learning how to fly a plane. When he got on the plane, he saw a bunch of controls! His flying instructor told him how to use them. So when he took off, he started following the tracks. Unfortunately, after a few minutes, he lost control over the plane! The plane kept moving away from the tracks! Ryan didn’t know how to stop this, so he decided to hit every button. The tenth button he hit made a “ Boom” and the plane started landing. He tried flying again but it didn't work. When it just wouldn’t take off, Ryan Knew that he was lost.

The Invasion Part 1

7 days ago N.A.S.A started building a giant rocket. It was going to be the biggest rocket ever and they were going to use it to sail across the galaxy and beyond, but in the control lab the scientists werewondering if they should use rocket fuel or super high-tech futuristic mega time machine space fuel so they decided to use both, 5…4...3...2...1...Lift Off. But when it just wouldn't take off they found a goat chewing on the wires they fixed the wires and removed the goat and BLAST OFF     To Be Continued 

Coke and Mentos !!!!!!!!

Timothy and Nathan were friends and they were planning to buy Diet Coke and mentos.Later that day, they bought the diet coke and mentos. Then, they  went home and put on goggles. They were ready to put the mentos in the coke bottle. So they put the mentos in the coke bottle and when it just couldn’t take off instead it exploded all over the place and it started raining coke. So Timothy said “That they should try it all over again and Nathan agreed. So they eventually did it again and it worked! They celebrated  with a party!!!!!

the flight

"I wont be able to make it" "i'm going to miss my fli-" "attention attention flight A5 will be leaving soon" "UGH!" "hey Emily?" "what?" "when your flight was about to leave  but when it just couldn't take off because the pilot was sick!" YES THAT IS AMAZI- I mean oh that's to bad." "pk whatever Emily." "Attention attention flight A5 has been delayed" " well i better get there while i still can" Emily went to the air plane  and waited for the plane to come. And waited.....and waited..... "FINALLY" Emily then boarded the plane ans safely flew away

The Crazy Day

One day Air Canada  flight 1549 was taxiing to runway R5, when it just wouldn’t take off, the humans knew something was wrong. And when the plane finally took off, it started banking to the right,Captain Ryan lost control and crashed into mount Ryan. Luckily, mount Ryan had super trees and everyone survived and they were rescued by a guy named Ryan. The next day Ryan was a hero, he had plans to see the queen. “Ryan!” his mom called “ it’s dinner time.” Ryan was holding an airplane model in one hand and a toy mountain in the other.

The nasa teenagers

Once there were two teenagers that got hired at nasa. They were working on a spacecraft so that they could get to the moon. They started working on it, it took them a long time but it was finally done. They loaded the astronauts in the spacecraft and started the countdown 10, 9, 8, 7,6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off but when it just wouldn’t take off one of the astronauts got scared  and jumped out with his parachute. Then it started up and you need two pilots to fly a spacecraft so he had to jump out too and then it blew up.

World Record!!!!

Jake works at NASA. He hasn’t been on a mission yet, but he was still happy. When his manager told him he’d be going on his first mission, he was overjoyed! Jake spent the whole week packing and saying goodbyes, that he didn’t see the text his manager sent about the spacecraft not working well. When the day came, His manager gave him a warning, But Jake did not really care. Jake boarded the spacecraft, But when it just wouldn’t take off, Jake knew something was wrong. The spacecraft exploded and Jake won the world record for the worst space mission in the world.

The Takeoff

It was the day of the takeoff, of the NASA spaceship, Bob 2. The whole world was watching. Even all the prisoners were allowed to watch in the food court. The prisoners all gathered around crammed together, kicking and punching to get to the front. Since this was an event that happened once in a decade, the guards watched this event on the screen without moving, not caring about what happened with the prisoners, who quietly crept out of the room, and escaped! One crept into the cockpit of the shuttle in Bob 2, pushing some buttons. 3-2-1 BLASTOFF! Though then when it just wouldn’t take off…..

Trump is mad

One day a 16 year old girl from Sweden named Greta Thunberg talked about global warming with Donald Trump. After they talked, Greta Thunberg left on a limo to a private airfield. Donald Trump planned to bomb the plane with Greta Thunberg because she had embarrassed him and he didn’t like to get embarrassed. Donald Trump was mad. Greta Thunberg then boarded the plane and really wanted to go when it just wouldn't take off. Beep beep beep… BOOM! The plane exploded into tiny pieces. The police found out that Donald Trump had planted the bomb and had him arrested.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Airplane

Once, there was a plane which was coming down from the sky, and it landed on the ground. All the people on the plane got off, and then they left.  The plane was about to go and pick up the other people that needs to go on the flight. There were lots of people on the plane, so the pilot should be extra careful of flying the plane. When everybody got on the plane, he was ready to take off but when, it just wouldn’t take off. There was not enough gas in it. Everybody on the plane was so angry.

The Launch!

It was the day when NASA launched their first rocket! “ Remember this needs to be a success there's are cameras everywhere and  I don't want to be an embarrassment to the public,” said the general. As everyone was counting down for the launch. The astronauts were getting ready. Will they do the impossible and launch the first rocket or will they fail? A few minutes passed when it just didn't take off then everyone started to panic “what’s happening” said a person. All of a sudden news came out that someone messed up the system and that there will be no launch today.

The Not Working Plane


                                              Once there was a bot named Jason. He was going to pick up people in London. It takes 8 hours to go to London. Jason arrived in London. The plane crew came to put gas in the plane but one of the plane crew notice that there was a hole in the gas tank but. they wonder why. They talked to Jason about the gas tank and Jason ended up going to jail for breaking the gas tank with a drill. The plane crew test drive the plane and when it just didn’t take off, the exploded. Jason ended up in jail for 10 years.

The Spacecraft

I loved space and always dreamed about dreaming about being an astronaut. I nearly fainted when I saw the first person to step on the moon. Then I realised that I could do that too! When I grew older, I somehow managed to get a chance to go to space! I sat on the seat, ready to take off, but it never did. When it just wouldn’t take off, we realised that there was a bird stuck in the engine! How is that even possible?!? Either way, I did manage to make my dream come true and the bird was set free.

when pigs fly

Katie was a pig, but she was no ordinary pig.she knew about her pig ancestors founding 
the pig empire and math and algebra and all. but what she really wanted to do is fly. She 
always wanted to fly, and soar above the land.No one in history has flown before.She
owned a workshop and started the project she planned for ages. Test one, the thingy still
does not work.Oh, I still don’t know what to call it though,Maybe “pigs can fly”? Test two, 
It works! I can’t believe I actually got it to work properly!

The Jet Plane 9000